Are we being real in text messages?


Are we being real in text messages ?

I love messaging, like all other people out there. Well, not really everyone loves it. But to be honest, I prefer having a phone conversation over text messaging when discussing about something important. Text messages are, I think, meant to be used for quick questions like where you are or when you are coming etc. Then there are smileys to show how you feel! But are we using the smileys rightly? Are we even using text messages in a right way?

When I talk to someone even over the phone, I can still comprehend bits of the person on the other side’s emotion. But we can’t really feel the emotions in a conversation over a text message.

Say, your friend just texted you, “hey bud, we’re going on a long drive, wanna join?” You are comfortable at home, having your girlfriend coming over at your place, planning to watch a movie together and so on. You’d just go ahead and reply, “I really wanna join bro, but my girlfriend is coming over. 🙁 ” See how fake you have just been!

You actually don’t want to join, and not at all sad missing it out but you let your friend feel and believe something that is not true!
Let’s take another example. When you wake up and you wish your other half good morning over text message, what do you really do there? You’d wake up and take your phone and wish your partner before doing anything else.

That is a sweet thing in a way that she/he is the first thing in your mind when you woke up. But people these days check instagram and facebook and go to the toilet and may even have breakfast and then send that message to their boyfriend or girlfriend to wish good morning!
Readers might think why I am being so picky on these simple “so obvious” text messages. I don’t have any problem with messages, but they need to be used in a right way in my opinion.

Don’t write something you don’t mean. Don’t let your reader feel something you don’t feel. Don’t fake yourself. Write what is real, the truth. Don’t use a smiley if that smiley doesn't really represent your emotion.




18 thoughts on “Are we being real in text messages?

  1. It’s important, to be honest with your own-self. Showcasing something fake probably may look nice but it will not last for a very long time. If you give value to any relationship, of course, you will honour it. Faking text messages is like faking your own self. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. I somewhat do not completely believe in text messages. Prefer calling up and speaking out if its urgent. Maybe I am of the old school, but I think that brings in transparency.

  3. I think so many of us have ended up doing this because it’s so much easier than saying you don’t want to do something. There’s always an awkwardness around saying no.

  4. I totally agreed with you.Text messages it’s convenient but not trustworthy. Most of the times my staff send me sick txt messages because they don’t want to call . But can’t say anything because saying something from other side i have to trust even i don’t.

  5. I don’t think you’re being picky at all! In fact, I think we need to spend more time in genuine communication vs being distracted by so much social media

  6. That’s so true. I often use a smiley even if I don’t feel joyful, keeping all conversations authentic makes sense, I will have to start thinking more about what I type!

  7. I don’t like texting. I feel like it’s replaced the need for my grown children to call home. They text instead. I want to hear their actual voices, lol. I get it though, texting is far easier.

  8. Interesting and absolutely true! Text messaging and having a real conversation over the phone are two different things. I would also prefer a talk over the phone when it comes to discussing important topics.

  9. Sometimes I find it hard to say how the other person is responding through text because it is hard I find to perceive the other’s emotions.

  10. in somehow I don’t believe in text message. Text message and real conversation two different things. Text message can be much too much calculated. You can see only see the words in texting not expression.

  11. i completely agree with what you said. 🙂 it’s good to be tranpsarent especially thru text where we dont actually see the person’s facial expression or emotion. thank you for sharing!

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