Beaver-Amazing Beavers are keystone species


Beaver-Amazing Beavers are keystone species

Beaver as a Keystone Species

Beavers are among the most important living rodents within the world. They sleep in America and parts of Southern Scandinavia, Germany, France, Poland, and central Russia.

Characteristics of the Beaver.

There are only two species of beaver. On average, beavers weigh 11kg-35kg and are 60-100cm in length. Both beavers have similar body parts. They both have a pair of scent glands, called castors. The glands secrete a musk-like substance called castoreum. Castoreum, they use castoreum substances to mark their territory. The dams that beavers build help prevent floods.

It does so via soaking up floodwaters that create an ecosystem via the wetlands that break down pesticides and helps prevent erosion. Sometimes, the dams that beavers construct cause floods at times.

Beavertails are oversized and are leathery, which is one reason they get hunted. The rodent uses its tail both on the land in the water for different purposes.  Their tail can grow up to 15 inches in length and 6 inches in width. In the water.

The beaver’s use their tails as a rudder or as a signal to warn their fellow beavers of a predator. Beavers use their tails as a balancing object. Their tails allow other beavers to sit upright and counterbalance so the beaver does not lose balance while carrying heavy items in their mouth.

Food, Habitat, and Predators.

Beavers are vegetarians. The rodents feast on bark, buds, stems, twigs of trees, soft plant foods, grasses, mushrooms, leaves, ferns, and the roots of water plants.

Beavers depend on living near areas where there is an abundance of water. They create burrows into river banks, temperate climate lakes. They construct dams to form large ponds where they live. The homes of beavers, also known as lodges, are dome-like constructions made from elements like mud and branches.

Like most keystone species, the beavers have predators such as coyotes, hawks, brown and black bears. Other known predators to the beaver are the lynx, eagles, cougars, owls, wolverines, and wolves.

Other characteristics of the beaver.

Similar to Otters, Beavers are keystone species. They are a vital link in the food chain that helps build an entire ecosystem. Beavers create dead wood that attracts insects. Insects bring birdlife and thus, an ecosystem is created. Also, the beaver lodges provide accommodation to animals like muskrats. Beaver lodges contain two dens. One den helps the beavers in drying off after entering the lodge. The other den is where the family of beavers live.

In the USA, beaver damages equate to $100 million. They can remain underwater for 15 minutes and swim up to 5mph. Beavers signify fear when they hiss.

Beavers are Nature’s engineers, and they enjoy constructing dams by themselves.

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