Best Halloween Movies 2020

Best Halloween Movies

Best Halloween Movies 2020 on Netflix That Will Give You Nightmares

Best Halloween Movies 2020 -There’s such a great amount to affection about Halloween: making custom made Halloween ensembles for youngsters, pumpkin cutting thoughts, recounting terrifying apparition stories, acing these Halloween cake plans—we could go on until the end of time. In any case, one of the most customary activities as October 31 gravitates toward is to stream a couple of the best Halloween films out there (and afterward spend the following week laying down with each light on in the house). This year, like never before, you may be enticed to remain at home and twist up with some unpleasant films.

Appreciatively, there are quite of scares to go around with this round up of Halloween movies on Netflix and will undoubtedly fulfil a wide range of viewers. Spike chillers are consistently a draw for the folks who like a little riddle, while some bolder people may appreciate an exemplary thriller So get your companions, a bowl of popcorn , and your favourite Halloween candy for a  movie fright night that will surely make you jump out of your skin!

Two Sentence Horror Stories

This series premiered on the CW network and instantly became one of my favorites. I’m not only including Two Sentence Horror Stories because of the chills and thrills, but it’s perfect for those who don’t have time to dedicate to a lengthy series or a movie.

Each episode features standalone episodes, so you can pick any episode you’d like to begin with, just like Netflix’s Black Mirror, as each tells a different story and none are like the rest.

Another thing to love is that all episodes are short! They begin with one sentence, and the last sentence finishes off the episode. I would love to share examples, but that would ruin the episode!


If you can’t get enough zombie thrillers and apocalyptic dramas (and we don’t blame you), watch #Alive on Netflix! It’s a brilliant and engaging series that may have been overlooked by bigger features on the streaming titan, but you can’t miss watching it this Halloween season.

The South Korean film may seem to follow an old concept, but it features a unique enough take for it to stand out from the rest. The story of #Alive centers on a young video game streamer who finds himself trapped in his apartment as the virus outbreak takes over his city and surrounding area.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that staying locked in at home is a good idea (I know I have), you’re about to see how this plays out.


When it comes to horror, leave it to the King to provide with chills! Netflix’s 1922, however, stands out from the bunch.

1922 doesn’t feature any supernatural elements. It doesn’t follow any creatures or ghosts, it’s all psychological, which is truly the most frightening genre of them all.

The movie centers on Wilfred James (Thomas Jane), a rancher who is planning to murder his wife for financial gain after he learns that his wife, Arlette (Molly Parker), plans on leaving him. But the real plot of the story happens after the fact — and it doesn’t stop.

The Witch

From A24, comes a truly frightening and shocking film in The Witch. The movie follows a Puritan family that is exiled and banished from their church. Forced to relocate, the family travels to the woods, but starting over is easier said than done.

After settling in, strange events begin to occur, all having something to do with the teen daughter, Thomasin. Her parents begin to think she is a witch, but she denies it and fears her parents. For a good scare and shocking twists, watch The Witch.

This movie is the perfect movie to watch for Halloween 2020.


Searching for an underrated gem you likely missed due to bigger features on the streaming network? Look no further than Marianne! I bumped into the French thriller as I was searching for something new (and scary) to watch.

Though it doesn’t feature the best translations or subtitles, it’s very easy to follow along. The story centers on Emma (Victoire Du Bois), a young and popular author who writes novels based on a witch named Marianne that haunted Emma and her friends as children. When Emma decides to end the novel series, Marianne returns, and the witch doesn’t want to leave empty-handed.


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