Body Scrub-How to Create Awesome Summer Skin with Natural Body Scrubs

How to Create Awesome Summer Skin with Natural Body Scrubs

Body Scrub-How to Create

(Awesome Summer Skin with Natural Body Scrubs)

It is always a pleasure to possess soft sensual skin, but more so within the heat of the summer. Summertime is once you show the foremost skin and knowing that it’s soft as summer may be a great feeling.

Not only has soft summer skin an exquisite feeling, but the method of getting soft summer skin is wonderful, too. Anytime you are doing a facial or a body treatment, it’s an exquisite feeling of indulgence. additionally , who doesn’t need a touch feeling of indulgence every now and again?

One of the simplest ways to exfoliate the skin on your body is, of course, with a salt body scrub. Sea salt has become enormously popular for this purpose. Here’s what you would like to form your own.

Body Scrub Sea Salt

You will need:

* æ cup of sea salt
* º cup of coconut oil
* 6 to eight drops of essential oils

Mix the coconut oil with the sea salt until it forms a paste-like substance. Add the essential oil of your choice as a fragrance.

Sugar Body Scrub

* æ cup of brown sugar
* º cup of sesame oil
* 6 to eight drops of essential oil of your choice
* One ripe avocado

Peel and take the pit out of 1 overripe avocado. Mix the sesame oil and brown sugar with avocado in your blender. Add the essential oils once you’ve got transferred the blended mix into a bowl.

Once either of those mixtures are well mixed, spread it everywhere your legs, ensuring to pay special attention to knees and heels of feet. you’ll also use a pumice to scrape off dead skin from these areas.

These scrubs are great for knees and hands also . Always secure a little area to be sure no allergy or irritation exists before placing sugar or salt scrubs mixed with essential oils to any a part of your body.

Many ingredients can enter mixing and matching your own body scrubs. For example:

* Refined sugar
* Brown sugar
* Sea salt
* Kosher salt
* Essential oils like sesame oil , vitamin E oil, lavender oil
* Honey, avocado, kiwi, coconut milk

Once you recognize your body and what you’re not sensitive to, the planet is your oyster when it involves all-natural, homemade body scrubs.

Experimenting with homemade body scrubs within the summertime gives you more options than you would possibly have within the wintertime. Explore, enjoy, and celebrate finding the proper summertime body scrub just perfect for you.

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  • Oh wow how much do I love the ingredients of your body scrub! Brown and sugar and avocado sounds divine. Need to do a little self-care this weekend so I’m going to try this.

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