I am so embarrassed of myself.

I am so embarrassed of myself.

I am so embarrassed of myself.

I am so embarrassed of myself.

Here, I am doing Black Friday shopping. I as of now have a laptop which is ancient but running fine and however, I am looking to purchase another laptop. And there are individuals who are eating creepy crawlies since they starve.  

In the South Island of Madagascar, Casualties of dry season, destitute administration, ruthless businesses but moreover provincial banditry, hundreds of thousands of individuals are intensely malnourished and in frantic need of food relief. Local people say at least 15 individuals have starved to death, counting several children,but specialists accept the genuine figure may well be much higher.

The specialists have been caught off guard by the deplorable circumstance. Those who live in southern Madagascar are most likely to endure from starvation since the incline season takes up a much longer parcel of the year. The incline season is the period of time in between the collect and the primary plant of another season. Amid this time, poor farmers and their families have small nourishment or salary on which to outlive. 

I am so embarrassed of myself.

Crop failure causes individuals to require frantic measures to outlive, such as offering their animals and cultivating apparatuses and moving into the wild to scavenge. Over 90% of Malagasies live underneath the destitution line.  Chronic malnutrition influences about half of all the children in Madagascar beneath five. Starvation in Madagascar moreover comes about in hindered development in children and tall mortality rates.

Iron deficiency is one of the greatest wellbeing issues in Malagasies confronting starvation, with one-third of children beneath five and ladies enduring from press lack More than six percent of children kick the bucket some time recently; they reach five a long time ancient, and 500 out of each 100,000 live births result within the mother’s passing. Tall levels of iron deficiency result in this big maternal mortality rate. 

Poverty and Malnutrition 

Food poverty influences the children of Madagascar much more than the grown-ups of the nation. More than half of Madagascar’s children are chronically malnourished, making an impact called “stunting”. They are half the estimate they ought to be, and a few children will not indeed make it to auxiliary school, let alone adulthood. Ailing health harms, the body and intellect, some of the time irreversibly.

Malnutrition is an expanding concern for parents. “They are seven, they ought to be much bigger,” says Rasoanandranson, a mother of five children. Her boys at eight a long time of age take after five-year-old children. Families develop little amounts of crops wealthy in supplements like sweet potato, avocado and maize, but they gather as it were enduring two to three months tops. Tragically, moms like Rasoanandranson are in the long run constrained to offer their nourishment for other much-needed family things, cleanliness things at school supplies. 

There’s still trust for these families and within the close future. In May 2017, the nation set out to attain their objective of decreasing lack of healthy sustenance from 47 percent to 38 percent by 2021. The objective can be accomplished by building more nutrition centers and enlisting more volunteers to teach towns on appropriate sustenance.

There’s another player to this amusement that will offer assistance to battle lack of healthy sustenance, and that’s clean water and sanitation administrations

Hygiene and Sanitation 


Poverty in Madagascar has influenced the water and sanitation frameworks as well. More than half of the individuals in Madagascar don’t have sanitation frameworks or get to to clean drinking water. There appears to be a bounty of water within the capital city of Antananarivo and other adjacent cities, but the water is seriously sullied.

Junk lines the edges of waterways and streams, and overwhelming downpours wash absent road flotsam and jetsam into the water supplies.

Squander from family units without appropriate sanitation frameworks moreover gets washed absent into the water supply. 

On top of contaminated water, the channeling frameworks that were already introduced are flawed and spill at slightest 40 percent of clean water. With the populace rising, conditions will as it were compound; in any case, volunteers are working to move forward the channeling frameworks and to teach individuals almost secure water homes and sanitation.

They have indeed begun offices to wash clothing to anticipate individuals from advance contaminating the waterway by washing their clothes in it. 

Programs like USAID, WaterAid and WASH are attempting to move forward conditions to begin with teaching the community almost food security and natural programs.

Furthermore, they arrange to make strides nearby, community-based administration of water and sanitation assets.

Thirdly, they will roll out a program called Activating Wellbeing Looking for Behaviour Alter to advance great cleanliness at the family levels.

The ultimate handle is getting to credit for the individuals to microfinance items for clean water and sanitation frameworks. With all the issues from lack of healthy sustenance 

The Healthcare System in Madagascar 

Within the capital city Antananarivo, there are open and private clinics that give fundamental restorative medications and little operations. Be that as it may, for more complex surgeries, patients are exchanged to a clinic in South Africa.

In spite of the fact that Medical administrations are really free to the community, individuals who can afford it are prompted to require out private, international health insurance for circumstances including being exchanged to a bigger clinic for more broad surgeries.  

The most common maladies in Madagascar are malaria, leprosy and tuberculosis. The healthcare framework is working to combat these illnesses and, going back to the need of clean water, it is unequivocally prompted that individuals bubble tap water some time recently drinking or utilizing it to cook.

In spite of the fact that most of the clinics are in cities and towns, Christian missionaries run hospitals in provincial zones in case a few individuals cannot make it to town, but they cannot reach all regions. 

Nonprofit organisations and volunteers are right now working to make strides to get to appropriate instruction almost sustenance, sanitation and monetary steadiness.

 Madagascar is on its way to becoming a better country for its people. Ideally, the political circumstance will move forward, and the government will start doing its portion to conclude destitution in Madagascar. 

“May God bless you with enough foolishness To believe that you can make a difference in the world, So that you can do what others claim cannot be done To bring justice and kindness to all our children and the poor.”           

~ a Franciscan benediction

To Help Them:

World Food Program: Donate Now | United Nations World Food Programme (wfp.org)

Save the Children: Madagascar | Save the Children UK


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  1. This is so heartbreaking. So many of us forget just how bad it is for so many out there. We just go about our lives, blissfully ignorant. Thank you for shining a light on those in need in Madagascar.

  2. This is terrible.
    So many people living in absolute poverty and children going hungry and starving.
    Makes you grateful you live in developed country where that can’t happen but also resentful that many people suffer so much yet we can’t help them.

    Giving donations instead of buying gifts is key. But also a drop of water in an ocean.

  3. That is so heartbreaking. The plight of the people there is so terrible, and meanwhile so many of us go on about our business like nothing’s happening.

  4. It seems so unfair that in this day and age there’s any place on the planet that is in such dire need. The world has so much to offer, and yet there are so many in need.

  5. How sad that so many people struggle so much. It can so hard trying to work out which is the best charity to support or how to help the poor. This article is really great, it gives us all a lot to think about.

  6. Malnutrition in anyone is hard to see. In children it is absolutely horrendous to the point where you have to do something to help.

  7. Your post depicts the reality of the world. Seriously we need to look around and see suffering of these children. Helping them is much better than shopping.

  8. YES! Spread awareness about poverty! A lot of people especially children are starving yet some people are just wasting food, this is so sad.

  9. So many of us forget, as we are caught up in our own lives, that there are worse circumstances occurring globally. We must open our eyes and do what we can to aid.

  10. Malnutrition in anyone is so hard to look at. But in children, it’s heartbreaking. Thank you for writing about this now when we people in the developed countries are enjoying the festivities. It’s good to realize that there’s other, not so pleasant side to life at the moment.

  11. It is so sad to read all the time that in a world if plenty, many continue to suffer and starve. We all need to do better by electing leaders who care about global hunger and make an effort to end it.

  12. i think we can balance both. it’s ok to want to buy something for yourself and also help those who need it. we donate all year round to those who need it

  13. Honey, thanks for the awesome post but I think you should not feel bad about treating yourself. I understand your compassion and I truly admire it so thank you for openly sharing your thoughts!

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