I buried my desire under the cloud


I buried my desire under the cloud

The air is calm and its getting gloomy,

And the Rhine is elegant quietly.

The mountain’s peak is sparkling,

In evening glare.

Give me a bit space,

I will remain with you someplace,

Listening your reticence hear,

And I will not go far

I give you my joy.

Allow me to go along with you in the torment.

My fortune is heavenly,

Yes you were meant to be mine.

I ll be yours eternally

That’s all I desire

I lavish my feelings to you forever.

The semantic of my soul,

Is expressed through my eyes now.

The voyage of my eyes stops when I look for you,

My eyes go to the most precious eyes of all,

You are not aware that those are yours.

There is distance of miles,

 The string of events are bizarre with you don’t know why,

The delusions are still under my eyelids with you ,

How should I tell ,why do I love you so much?

Wish I can illuminate it.

 What’s disappeared in my heart?

My eyes will describe it to you,

You being always my hope ,

You being my sensation, but still you are not mine.

This is my complaint with you,

I feel regret.

My soul even cries..

It weaves trances,

It’s gone insane.

It believes that for what reason did I meet with you ?

You may be part of my feelings someday,

While sometime you might be vanished.

Sometimes, I sense if you are not around,

I cannot breath.

Not the glare or the spikes of rain,

Even the winds too shower here,

I know that how is it to live without a spirit.

I have spent many seasons with just your memories,

I am sure there must be some unfamiliar lane

That will lead you to my core.

You should follow the rhythms and

try to predict what they are trying to tell you.

I will write a diary for you with my tears.

Except me no one would able to recite you.

What should the heart reveal to you know?

How much love I feel for you.

I don’t feel any more soreness or grief for you,

 Without you I am content .

I’m not, at this point prone to have you around.

But I don’t perceive why are tears still in my eyes?

Why do I cry even when time to say The end.

I buried my desire under the cloud,

Why is a goodbye its fate.

I wish to be entirely in such a way, that I say just nothing.

I wish to nap years lengthy sleep.

In which eyes you existent,

I will not open those eyes for many years.

21 thoughts on “I buried my desire under the cloud

  1. A beautiful creation from a beautiful mind. I really wonder, how those words comes in you? It’s marvellous, soothing and yet very much touching. Its always touched by the core. Keep creating and keep loving.

  2. This is a beautiful poem. The words themselves touched my heart and I liked the flow of the poem. THank you for sharing!

  3. unrequited love. It is just an honest poem that most people can relate. the challenge of wanting someone who does not feel the same way.

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