I want to hold my heart and let it rest in the sky.

I want to hold my heart and let it rest in the sky.

Hoping I could find my peace again

With the entirety crashing around me I’ve cultivated use to all the wounded…
All of the throbbing mending in as I begin to decay…
So set on rambling through Silence…
So use to existing this way…

And when I flip in the direction of the sea

for relaxation at heart…..
I feel the rhythm of the waters slash me apart…
Like the flowing that comes from the spikes of

an open vein…

I have yet to sense the blameless from sunrise.

My senses are set for something brighter

then my past…
My spirit still gazes for something to embrace at last…
Across my trials, I have seen so little to keep me whole…
I let my soul rest within the ocean…
Hoping I could get my life back again.

I awaited and bore soreness, and I sat on your door
You never care to me why would I call your name.
Tears stay prison in eyelashes; how do I shed them
How do I join a wracked portrait? How do I weigh your dishonest claims?
Affection was genuine, but you were motionless.
I wish that you could understand.
The faded noise of your paths still calls me out .every day
But the sores that waited in my heart,

how can I erase them?

Still hunting for what’s vanished inside…
With my reflection in the waters gazing back at

what I conceal…
Am I set for better days?

Can I approach from what I’ve seen…
Can I make it back to where I belong…

But now I’m exhausted.
Exhausted of being put down,
put down by the persons I felt closest to.

Your aura bound to the corners of my mind
Your replica words carved from my existence
Affection – a passionate crime – something I never could find

You speared right through with your stone-cold affection.
And left my empathy shabby and dead.

I’m still looking at the world with both eyes open…
Even when I let my soul rest within the ocean…
Still vanished in all that I sense has been chained…
I was designed to be born in the rain…


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19 thoughts on “I want to hold my heart and let it rest in the sky.

  1. “I was designed to be born in the rain”….this struck me, the most! Very good piece you have shared.

  2. Trust is one of the key components of love. When someone try to manipulate that, it’s always break the heart. Someone just cannot force love, it has the come from the core. Such a gorgeous poem.

  3. “Tears stay prison in eyelashes…” This line just made me stop for a while and think about it. It’s a great poem…and it feels it came straight from your heart.

  4. Wow such beautiful words and so well written – love this, such a moving poem and thanks for sharing it

    Laura x


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