I scream out loud in the silence

I scream out loud in silence

I scream out loud in the silence

I bleed 🩸in silence 
I cry in silence 
I roar in silence 
I fight with myself in silence 
I suffer in silence 
Even when I am outside, I am in silence.
Even when I talk to my heart ❤️, I am in silence 
Even when I look into your eyes, I am in silence 
Even when I hold your hands, I am in silence 
Even when you walk besides me, I am in silence.
I cheer for you in silence.
I pray for you in silence.
I give you happiness in silence.
I care for you in silence.
I write to you in silence.
I celebrate your success in silence.
Don’t worry, you won’t hear from me, I will be in silence.
Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about you, I will be in silence.
Don’t worry, I won’t love ❤️ you, I will keep that in silence.
Don’t worry, I won’t share my sadness with anyone, because the poet is in silence.

22 thoughts on “I scream out loud in the silence

  1. This is such a powerful poem. It’s deeply touching with that evocation of suffering in solitude and silence. I really like it.

  2. I have a feeling of quiet as I read this. Hopefully, the silence communicated isn’t excessive repression, because that could be a problem.

  3. that was a beautiful and powerful poem, hon! As someone who has suffered from depression in the past, your work has touched me more than I can say here. Blessings!

  4. What a time it is, to be silence! And to do everything we have done, in complete silence! It’s something I have missed a lot. Nice one!

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