Life is a puzzle and waiting to be solved

Life is a puzzle

Life may be a puzzle, waiting to be solved,

but who would solve it?

Don’t know.

I can feel my heart throbbing,

but why?

because It’s damaged,

but none the less optimistic

But that’s the matter, and my heart sees the simplest in everything and everybody

And in result, gets hurt.

My soul is trying it is best to piece itself back together and wrap all its wounds

As during a game,

in the real world,

you’ll be more likely to force pieces within the wrong empty spaces.

They might appear to be the proper option to make at the instant,

but they won’t be.

Often, you’ll feel as if there is not the right choice,

and you will find yourself repeating the same move over and over again.

In other words, starting all over and “fading” made you better at this,

and now you have the chance to make it right.

In life, we tend to learn a new valuable lesson with each passing day.

You might not be aware of it right now, 

but in the long term, 

you will understand that everything that has happened to you and the way you handled the situation is what brought you here today.

If you are pleased with your accomplishments,

that means you’ve been assembling the jigsaw pieces appropriately. 

If not, it means it’s time to form some alterations.

Find your puzzle,

and confirm you’ve got all of the needed pieces before you begin positioning them together.

Eventually, you’ll complete it and reach the victory and happiness you’ve been checking out all this point.

28 thoughts on “Life is a puzzle and waiting to be solved

  1. This was such a powerful piece. I really do believe that life is a one big puzzle made up of smaller puzzles if that makes sense. We are always looking for the right pieces.

  2. Great poem! I believe in making decisions with conviction and following through. No regrets. Our lives are shaped into our personal puzzle because of the decision we make.

  3. Loving the analogy for the puzzle! Saving this piece to share with family and friends since there’s so much truth here.

  4. It’s amazing, and sometimes hard to look back and realize it was your decisions that put you where you are… If only we learned cause and effect earlier in life. 😉 It’s good when we learn though, and then things get easier. 🙂

  5. Aww! This poem is so good! It’s so witty and amazing. It’s indeed life is like a puzzle and you have to keep moving forward until you see the missing piece. And, this missing piece can be anything that makes you feel empty.

  6. This is a fantastic post! Just like a jigsaw puzzle, life has pieces that seem to fit but actually aren’t in the right place. Sometimes, we have to look very closely at those pieces to find out where they actually belong.

  7. This one really touched me. I’ve always been trying to fit the pieces of my life together the right way. It’s hard to do!

  8. I think a puzzle is the perfect metaphor for life. In the beginning, we don’t know what we’re doing, but as more pieces fall into place, we get better and better and making the right choices.

  9. Well put and composed, so much meaning in so few words. I really enjoyed this poem and will be sharing it on my social media. I vowed to read one poem a day. This will be it for today.

  10. This poem has pulled my heartstrings. Life is indeed a puzzle, you get to put the pieces together, and make things happen, make life happen.

  11. This is fab – agree life can be a puzzle it is just up to us to put all the pieces together and hopefully make the right fit Mel x

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