Life is an enigma

I am so embarrassed of myself.

Life is an enigma


Life is an enigma, Life is a fable
If you will become afraid because of the darkness
How will you get out of your home?
Every day in this darkness, you have to come and go.
Life is a bizarre and indefinable story.
These paths of life are challenging.
My touchy innocent heart have made such misstep,
The wound which I’ve got is hidden. It couldn’t heal anytime.
If It were within my sway, I would’ve bought that best moment of my Life back.
I chose to hold your hand and go-ahead by your side.
I keep walking with you.
The sculptures that were carved by our hands all became Gods to us.
Now we have to impede worshiping them, or we have to crunch them.
Life is unpredictable
A thought has bashed on the interface of my brain.
Should I keep remembering you or forget you?
Everyday ashes files from my body
But if I lost you, what would be left for me to lose?
What kind of fire did you provoke within my heart?
My moans were also starting to cry.

From your instants, from my gashes, now I am going far away.
My Life is so unreliable, and I don’t know now and again who I can be
Yet, when I learn of the ups and down,
Furthermore, I figure out how to be stable and free.
I guess such is reality.
It is the thing that I dream of in my Life.
It is what is genuine.

27 thoughts on “Life is an enigma

  1. We all go through painful losses in life. I hope that if this is you, that you’ll one day look back and see this experience in a different light.

  2. There are always happiness and sadness in our life but the legacy we left, the deeds we do, the remark we left on others life are the most important part. Another beautiful piece of your writing. It’s so powerful and raise level of stimulate to live your life.

  3. It is genuine. That’s what I like about your poetry. It is your reflection of life and living.

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