love is always a question mark to me

love is

love is always a question mark to me,

is it just like a wave without a shore?

Or it is just a hidden curly cloud of thunder.

The day was ending, the rain had concluded,

and the clouds were disappearing.

I walk alone on this gloomy and terrifying lane

I cringe to sensation,

is there even an end?

Or what I left there?

I Found nothing there except my sadness.

Sometimes I felt I was the victim of being generous to you.

I was the most foolish girl who has trusted the wrong person in her life.

Sometimes I think, Why do some people not have faith in anything?

Why they don’t know how to respect their love.

I guess the meaning of love not many people know about it.

Definition of love means to me giving respect and honesty to your loved one.

Being in love means desiring the delight of your lover

and pleased them for the individual they are.

I am glad that I learned from my past.

Learned from my mistakes that I made in my life.

Life taught me how I could stand on my feet without any fear.

I never stop anymore to see my back.

Never expect to find my happiness in the same place again.

I am not depressed,

Moving always gives me the sensation of energy.

My pride decorates me.

Like fine ornaments

I know my worth and my strength.

I am born to desire with passion, abandon, and to name my fortune.

I am so glad that I made my family proud..

I guess love means not about you always.

There are family and real friends,

They help outline just who you are and will be a part of you infinitely.

 My family is like the stars.

 Somehow they’re always there for me.

 I won’t let anyone hurt me again.

I will fight all the way.

I will hold my destiny and walk across the world.

34 thoughts on “love is always a question mark to me

  1. Ah yep, everyone has been on the wrong side of love too. It’s always such a delicate balance between happy and not.

  2. The true test of love is to not allow it to harden your heart when it isn’t reciprocated. Love is patient, love is kind…

    1. Wow Cindy, that’s such a great quote. Did you borrow it from somewhere? Or is it yours, coming out of your imagination in the spur of the moment?

  3. A beautiful, expressive piece of writing here. Very meaningful, thank you for sharing it with everyone.

  4. I’ve felt very much like this in the past about someone specific. I was fortunate to have found a love after him that no longer felt like wave but as the most stable, secure feeling.

  5. I also learn my mistake that I made before. I don’t want to make same mistake again. Great poem and so inspiring.

  6. Lovely poem. So relatable. I also have this question mark at the end of love. But like you’ve said, we learn from our past mistakes.

  7. Reciting this poem feels so good rolling off the tongue! Isn’t love an ambigious question to everyone?

  8. Understand love sometimes is not so sweet as we think of. There are good and bad sides. Liked reading your poem, the emotions always come out.

  9. This is such a beautiful post. I love the emotion and questions you conveyed here and the words you used to do it.

  10. What a beautifully written poem you got there. I believe that there is no definite answer to what love really is since each of us understands or has a different meaning for it.

  11. Beautiful poem about love! Some people don’t know about it because they’re not willing to be open and they’re afraid.

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