Best Makeup Tips and Hack of the year

Celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown and Dakota Fanning have undergone various dermatological procedures to avoid acne problems and imperfections,

Best Makeup Tips and Hack of the year

Best Makeup Tips and Hack of the year

13 Best Makeup tips you should know if you also suffer from acne

Celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown and Dakota Fanning have undergone various dermatological procedures to avoid acne problems and imperfections, and perhaps their stylists solve their teenage problems by giving them the appearance of dolls with porcelain skin.

Unfortunately, most of us only have the option of fantasising about having a clean face, or at least we believed until we discovered the secrets of teen stars to look radiant and flawless at all times, thanks to the help of makeup and Constant cleaning Check out these 15 tricks that will help you fight acne.


1. Clean the skin

Clean the skin

It is important to comply with a skin cleansing routine. You should wash the complexion twice a day, in the morning and at night, with soap for oily skin.

2. Use a mask

Use a mask

Once a month, apply a natural clay mask that will help you oxygenate the skin and clean the pores from the inside.

3. Stop extreme makeup

Stop extreme makeup

One of the most common mistakes is to try to hide the imperfections with an excessive amount of makeup, this in addition to looking fake, will cause more outbreaks because the pores of the skin are clogged.

4. Use your best weapons

Stop extreme makeup

A good concealer and a makeup base with oily skin formula will be your basic weapons to cover those annoying pimples. Just make sure the tone suits your skin to achieve a natural effect.

5. Types of imperfections


To choose the right concealer, you must verify that it counteracts the color of the imperfections. The best in the case of acne is green because, being the complementary color of red, it is ideal for covering pimples and marks.

6. No to powder


Never use powder makeup bases as they will increase the risk of more acne. And always wash your brushes constantly to prevent certain bacteria from reaching your skin.

7. Do not fall into temptation


Squeezing a mud can be tempting, but you have to avoid it at all costs, as this could make the situation worse.

8. Select the right products


Verify that the cosmetics are not made from oil, as this will only increase the fat in your skin.

9. Learn not to be selfish

Makeup Tips and Hack

At least with your cosmetics, since if someone else with a different type of acne uses them directly, it could make your situation worse.

10. Kisses without restrictions


Lip makeup can be your best bet to distract uncomfortable looks. Strong lips like red, wine or orange, brighten your face immediately, making you feel glamorous.

11. The time has come to throw them away

Makeup Hack

Another important fact to make up without altering your acne is to check the expiration date of your products since if they are expired, or in poor condition, they will not bring anything beneficial to your skin.

12. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin

Makeup Tips

It is important to remember that humidification depends on our pH levels and that maintaining adequate levels despite having oily skin will help you improve your appearance.

13. Never sleep with makeup

Makeup Tips and Hack

Never go to bed without removing your face and cleaning it properly; Although it may seem somewhat tiresome, your skin will appreciate it.

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