My Christmas Desire

My Christmas Desire

If I could have one Christmas Desire,

one dream that would come true.

I would appeal to God,

with my muted core to see you, Daddy

and speak with you only once.

Countless choruses won’t bring you back,

I know I have tried every year, every day or second.

My tears flow into the river,

and they made their own space to stay.

I think God made this river just for me to fill it up.

Daddy, do you know?

My friends asked me what I want for this Christmas.

I closed my eyes and was thinking just about you.

Every day without you

Since you had to leave me alone,

It’s like eyes without cornea.

Because I can hear your voice, daddy, but I can’t see you anymore.

I pray that God will give me just little strength

and someway get me through.

As I battle with the misery

That came when I lost you forever.

I will always feel you close to me

And I know you can see me.

I look up at the stars every night

And wonder if you can see me or call my name.

Now I am not scared to die anymore

Because I know you will be there to hold my hands.

You are missed at Christmas and every day Daddy,

My wish is simple, to be where you are.


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