My Christmas Desire


My Christmas Desire

If I could have one Christmas Desire,

one dream that would come true.

I would appeal to God,

with my muted core to see you, Daddy

and speak with you only once.

Countless choruses won’t bring you back,

I know I have tried every year, every day or second.

My tears flow into the river,

and they made their own space to stay.

I think God made this river just for me to fill it up.

Daddy, do you know?

My friends asked me what I want for this Christmas.

I closed my eyes and was thinking just about you.

Every day without you

Since you had to leave me alone,

It’s like eyes without cornea.

Because I can hear your voice, daddy, but I can’t see you anymore.

I pray that God will give me just little strength

and someway get me through.

As I battle with the misery

That came when I lost you forever.

I will always feel you close to me

And I know you can see me.

I look up at the stars every night

And wonder if you can see me or call my name.

Now I am not scared to die anymore

Because I know you will be there to hold my hands.

You are missed at Christmas and every day Daddy,

My wish is simple, to be where you are.

15 thoughts on “My Christmas Desire

  1. I cried when i was reading your poetry touched my heart. I lost my dad during covid and this is my first Christmas without him. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poetry .

  2. It’s ok to be sad. But think about your loved ones. Connect to them to create positive vibe in this Christmas. Do not forget to give your wish list to Santa. I just wish, everyone to be happy. Wishing you all a warm and happy Christmas!! And for those who are living close to North Pole, don’t forget to wear your Christmas sweater and socks. Merry Christmas to everyone all around the world.

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