My Love is my Rainbow


Without fear, our mind is free.
But what are we we afraid of?
Is it the darkness or the changes?

I think, it’s the changes that we are afraid of.

Yes, we are afraid of changes but isn’t the nature itself always changing.

That’s why we have all the colours, colour of spring, colour of winter and don’t forget about the rainbow?.

So, why do we afraid when love ❤️ changes our life?
We don’t fear rainbow?,

isn’t the love feels like a rainbow??

My darling, would you mind, if I tell you that you are my rainbow ? .

That’s why you are rin rainbow ?.
You are my love.

Yes, you are my rainbow ? , you’re the colour of everything.

My face colour get changed, when I get angry,

it changes when I feel shy, it changes when I feel stress,

it changes when I feel down. And of course its shine when I feel happy with you.

That’s how the rainbow ? is . That’s how our love is.

Yes my beautiful rainbow ?, I love you so much with everything and everything about you.

I feel so pumped having you in my life.

And I am ready to be with you on the deck of a life ship. We both will steer the ship ?.

Sometimes we can see the thunder and sometimes we can feel the warmth of the ocean ?.
And I am sure,

if you stay with me, we will reach out to our La la land port. And we will harbor their.

My rainbow?, my love and my companion,

I won’t say with lies that, life is easy but I will say the way you say, life is short,

so we should live every sand dot of that.

And I want to live that with you. Will you be my rainbow ? and the love of life?


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