PUBG Addiction- What are the side effects?

pubg Addiction

PUBG Addiction - What are the side effects of PUBG game's addiction?

PUBG Addiction – PUBG is a web multiplayer battle royals game that has enlarged huge popularity. However, there are some gamers who are even hooked in to this game which is why it’s become a serious concern for several . PUBG may be a fabulous game but getting hooked in to it can produce to certain mental and physical health issues that you simply , yourself might not remember of. So, here are the 7 negative side effects that PUBG has on one’s mental and physical health that you simply should beware about.

After its release in 2017, PUBG rapidly became far and awaythe first widespread game within the world. Two years later and it remains a powerhouse within the gaming world. PUBG Mobile, a free-to-play version of the sport, has more users than Fortnite 1 thanks to its fame in Asian countries like India and China.

 It has developed so bad in young Indian generation that a 20-year-old boy recently died after prolonged play over 45 days and suffering severe nerve damage 2. 

These have led to life-threatening measures to be put in situlike locking users out of the sport if they play for quite 6 hours at some point 3.

 The game isn’t screening any signs of losing its player base, and PUBG addiction is as widespread now because it has ever been.

pubg Addiction

It is extremely violent

PUBG has been under investigation for being a rough game. Over the top brutality can trigger forceful considerations, feelings and conduct that at last influences the emotional well-being of the player.

It leads to gaming addiction

PUBG Addiction-Playing an excess of PUBG can make you less beneficial.Computer game enslavement is definitely not another thing yet you should realize that this isn’t beneficial for one’s psychological health.

You can end up becoming less socially active

Most gamers go through their whole day playing PUBG which implies they wind up getting less socially dynamic.


It promotes bad physical health

Just sedentary around in one place and playing for long hours is not decent for your physical strength. One tends to become lazy. Also, staring at your computer screen for long hours can distress your eyesight and give you headaches.

PUBG Addiction-It affects your mental health

The individuals who are dependent on playing PUBG can get effectively worried or face nervousness issues in broad daylight because of absence of social collaboration.


It disrupts your sleep pattern

You should realize that sitting before the PC screen for a really long time can make it difficult for you to rest regardless of whether you at last choose to call it day.

There is no time to do anything else

I am certain you realize that a solitary round of PUBG can take as long as an hour to finish. Regardless of whether you play 5 matches per day, it implies that you will squander around 4-5 hours consistently doing nothing gainful.

No one is asking you to stop playing PUBG. Just don't get addicted to it.

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