Sadness is like my grey cloud

Sadness is like my grey cloud

Under the clouds, the day evolved so much,
So many things endured untold.
The exchange weaved by the nervous eyes,
Still couldn’t precise to you all the thoughts.

Sadness is like my depressing mist,
Sporadically it fences us with a gloomy feeling,
But sometimes it transformed into an illusory contour,
Sometimes it becomes so abundant and melancholy,
When it is already too dense, It will tear upstream,
Yes it is “rain of heartbreak”

The day is telling me all the precisions and dishonesties before leaving,
My heart is disappearing silently since there’s no way to escape existence.
The light is gradually dwindling from this enchanted afternoon,
Even the known paths are singing hide & seek,
The cleaver clouds are enclosed in gold,
I’m heading back home with some odorous wounds.
Under the clouds, the day has grown so much,
I had more things to say,
But A lot of things remained untold.

31 thoughts on “Sadness is like my grey cloud

    1. He definitely captured the overwhelmingness sadness can leave you feeling. I was reminded of the grey skies in Washington state and how the sadness of the murkiness became overwhelmingly depressing.

  1. Sadness is like my grey cloud hit me right in the feels. You can feel the rain of heartbreak flowing through out these words.

  2. This is so powerful — sadness can really sneak up on us and put a damper on things. Using tools like writing can be so helpful to help us get through it.

  3. This is a very timely poem as I just lost a good friend today. The feeling is so hard to explain when it’s someone close to you.

  4. “Sadness is like grey cloud” How true! Now I live in sadness period, but I believe I’ll see the sun soon.

  5. Fighting to keep sadness out in our life is a struggling. When we can no longer cope up, our mental health is affected. Writing our thougts such as this can help.

  6. This poem is a perfect example of how something doesn’t have to be long to be powerful. You evoked such a message in just a few words.

  7. Writing is my therapy. I discovered that the best time to write poems is when you are having intense feelings. l love your poem. Sadness is a feeling I try so much to avoid. But as much as it is like a grey cloud, I always wait for the light to shine through that cloud.

  8. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Writing is a powerful tool to share our thoughts with the world.

  9. Aaawwww… I wish this poem of ours had gone longer….there’s so much I would have loved to know about!

  10. That is such a beautiful poem. It’s so sad, but it’s so beautiful. I think we all have dealt with sadness like this in our lives.

  11. I can very well relate to your words. I just lost a good friend and my job is on the rocks. It does feel like there is a grey cloud looming over me.

  12. Beautiful poem. I love how the ending really leaves you feeling the loneliness that accompanies grief. “But a lot of things remain untold.” My hope is that the narrator finds some shoulders to lean on and people to share their grief with. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  13. Just as beautiful as all of your other poems. You really captured the way that sadness can really follow you around.

  14. Aaahhh…you’ve put your writing so well! Sadness is following us everywhere we go in the recent past but we will overcome!

  15. I can feel melancholy or sadness on each line. I hope I can resonate more to your poems. Beautiful!

  16. I wish I have your talent! I love how you express your feelings through poems. The reader can really feel it.

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