Sadness is like my grey cloud

Sadness is like my grey cloud

Under the clouds, the day evolved so much,
So many things endured untold.
The exchange weaved by the nervous eyes,
Still couldn’t precise to you all the thoughts.

Sadness is like my depressing mist,
Sporadically it fences us with a gloomy feeling,
But sometimes it transformed into an illusory contour,
Sometimes it becomes so abundant and melancholy,
When it is already too dense, It will tear up stream,
Yes it is “rain of heart break”

The day is telling me all the precisions and dishonesties before leaving,
My heart is disappearing silently since there’s no way to escape existence.
The light is gradually dwindling from this enchanted afternoon,
Even the known paths are singing hide & seek,
The cleaver clouds are enclosed in gold,
I’m heading back home with some odorous wounds.
Under the clouds, the day has grown so much,
I had more things to say,
But A lot of things remained untold.


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