Story of the Pink Lady-Haunted hotel

The Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina

This phenomenon of architecture was created on Sunset Mountain by Edwin Wiley Grove in 1913 — a soda pop inheritor from Tennessee trying to cure his habitual glitches. One of the hotel’s most notorious guests was F. Scott Fitzgerald, who checked in while Zelda spent some time at a near sanitorium.

You will not be running into any Fitzgeralds during your stay moment, but you could catch a glimpse of another 1920s figure:

The Pink Lady, a guest who met her end on the bottom of the patio after falling two floors from her room. The pastel mists you see — and chills you feel — will give her down.


Subsequently the Pink Lady’s death in the early 1920s, there has been a long string of hauntings and paranormal actions that had occurred (and still do today).

It was said that that the Pink Lady is further of a pleasant ghost paralleled to some spirits that usually haunt hotels and abandoned structures. 

Many visitors and staff members had been topic to several of the Pink Lady’s practical jokes and pranks. These pranks contain lights being turned on or off deprived of anyone touching the light switch, air conditioners switching on and off, and doors opening and closing.

She may also have an unexpected habit of tickling the feet of sleeping guests. Some guests with children evoked saying that a woman in a pink dress was seen playing with them and having fun. When it came time to check out, one guest told a staff member to pass along communication to the “ lady in the pink.”

It’s said that the Pink Lady may have stayed in Room 545 at the time of her death. The room had a deck where she supposedly fell. Legend has it that her spirit lives when she isn’t wandering the halls and the hotel grounds.

However, you might not be suitable to hitch 545 specifically, If you’re planning on staying at this place. But if you’re near to it, you may get a chance to see her (or anywhere differently in the hostel itself).


People who have stayed in Room 545 in history had reported feeling cold spots in the room. Still, others who have stayed on the same bottom have reported feeling the same thing. Others have seen a woman shrouded in pink mist in the hallways on some days. When the hotel was closed for repairs and emendations in the 1950s, one of the workers started feeling relatively uncomfortable when he was getting close to room 545.

He started to get cold chills to the point where he decided to leave the floor snappily and never returned. Rather, he transferred some other crew members over there to finish the job and get out.
It wasn’t until the early 1990s when paranormal investigators were eventually suitable to check out what the noise was each about.

They had canvassed over 50 people and were suitable to get enough substantiation to prove that the Pink Lady herself was the real deal and still remains a fixture at the hotel, indeed to this day

While the Grove Park Inn has a saga of presenting respective significant people, it might be a place to smash if you’ve got the cash to shell out for a hotel room.

Even if you’re not a guest, you still want to check out this place when you are able to travel to Asheville. You might see the Pink Lady herself. But watch out, you might be the next mark in her endless bag of realistic gags and pranks.

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