Stress: Yes, we all have it time to time

What is stress?

Stress could be a feeling of being beneath an unusual weight. This weight can come from distinctive angles of your day-to-day life. Such as an increased workload, a transitional period, a contention you have got together with your family or modern and existing financial stresses. You will discover that it features a total impact, with each stressor building on the best of one another.

During these circumstances, you’ll feel debilitated or disturbed and your body might make a stretch reaction. This could cause an assortment of physical side effects, alter the way you carry on, and lead you to encounter more strong feelings.

Stress influences us in a number of ways, both physically and candidly, and in shifting power.

How can I identify the signs of stress? 

Everybody encounters stress. Be that as it may, when it is influencing your life, wellbeing and prosperity, it is vital to handle it as before long as conceivable, and whereas stretch influences everybody in an unexpected way, there are common signs and side effects you’ll see out for: 

  • feelings of constant worry or anxiety 

  • feelings of being overwhelmed 

  • difficulty concentrating 

  • mood swings or changes in your mood 

  • irritability or having a short temper 

  • difficulty relaxing 

  • depression 

  • low self-esteem 

  • eating more or less than usual 

  • changes in your sleeping habits 

  • using alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs to relax 

  • aches and pains, particularly muscle tension 

  • diarrhea and constipation 

  • feelings of nausea or dizziness 

  • loss of sex drive. 


If you are experiencing these symptoms for a prolonged period, and feel they are affecting your everyday life or are making you feel unwell, You can ask for information about the support services and treatments available to you 

Three steps to take when feeling stressed 


1. Realize when it is causing you a problem 

  • Try to make the connection between feeling tired or ill and the pressures you are faced with 

  • Look out for physical warnings such as tense muscles, over-tiredness, headaches or migraines 

2. Identify the causes 

  • Try to identify the underlying causes 

  • Sort the possible reasons for your stress into three categories 1) those with a practical solution 2) those that will get better given time and 3) those you can’t do anything about 

  • Try to release the worry of those in the second and third groups and let them go 

3. Review your lifestyle 

  • Could you be taking on too much? 

  • Are there things you are doing which could be handed over to someone else? 

  • Can you do things in a more leisurely way? 

  • To act on the answer to these questions, you may need to priorities things you are trying to achieve and re-organize your life 

  • This will help to release pressure that can come from trying to do everything at once 

Stress: Yes, we all have it time to time

Seven steps to help protect yourself from stress 

 1. Eat healthily 

  • Eating healthily can reduce the risks of diet-related diseases 

  • There is a growing amount of evidence showing how food affects our mood and how eating healthily can improve this 

  • You can protect your feelings of wellbeing by ensuring that your diet provides adequate amounts of brain nutrients such as essential vitamins and minerals, as well as water 

2. Be aware of smoking and drinking alcohol 

  • Try not to, or reduce the amount you smoke and drink alcohol 

  • Even though they may seem to reduce tension initially, this is misleading as they often make problems worse 

3. Exercise 

  • Try and integrate physical exercise into your lifestyle as it can be very effective in relieving stress 

  • Even just going out and getting some fresh air, and taking some light physical exercise, like going for a walk to the shops can really help 

4.Take time out 

  • Take time to relax 

  • Strike the balance between responsibility to others and responsibility to yourself, this can really reduce stress levels 

  • Tell yourself that it is okay to priorities self-care · Are you needing time out but saying ‘I just can’t take the time off’, if so, read more about how taking a break is important for good mental health 

5. Be mindful 

  • Mindfulness is a mind-body approach to life that helps us to relate differently to experiences. It involves paying attention to our thoughts and feelings in a way that increases our ability to manage difficult situations and make wise choices 

  • Try to practice mindfulness regularly 

  • Mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere at any time 

  • Research has suggested that it can reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and related problems such as insomnia, poor concentration and low moods, in some people44 

  • Our Be Mindful website features a specially developed online course in mindfulness, as well as details of local courses in your area 

6. Get some restful sleep 

  • Are you finding you are struggling to sleep? This is a common problem when you’re stressed45 

  • Could your physical or mental health be impacting your ability to sleep? 

  • Could you amend your environment to help improve your sleep? 

  • Could you get up instead of staying in bed when your mind is worrying at night? 

  • Could you make small changes to your lifestyle to help your get a restful sleep? 

  • For full details on tips on getting a good night’s sleep read our guide How to sleep better and ten top tips for good sleep 

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself 

  • Try to keep things in perspective. 

  • Remember that having a bad day is a universal human experience 

  • When your inner critic or an outer critic finds faults, try and find truth and exception to what is being said 

  • If you stumble or feel you have failed, don’t beat yourself up 

  • Act as if you were your own best friend: be kind and supportive 

  • Take a few minutes each day to appreciate yourself 

Can stress be positive? 

Inquire about has appeared that stress can some of the time be positive. It can make you more alarm and assist you perform way better in certain circumstances. Be that as it may, push has as it has been found to be advantageous in case it is short-lived.  

Excessive or delayed push can contribute to sickness such as heart disease and mental wellbeing issues such as uneasiness and sadness. 


What can prolonged stress lead to? 

Stress may be a characteristic response to numerous circumstances in life, such as work, family, connections and cash issues 

We said prior that a direct sum of push can offer assistance. We perform superior in challenging circumstances, but as well much or prolonged stress can lead to physical issues. This could incorporate lower insusceptibility levels, stomach related and intestinal challenges, e.g., irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or mental wellbeing issues such as discouragement. This implies it is vital to oversee your stretch and keep it at a sound level to anticipate long-term harm to your body and intellect. 


What happens to my body when I experience stress? 

Individuals respond in an unexpected way to push. A few common side effects of stretch incorporate resting issues, sweating or an alter in craving 

Symptoms like these are activated by a surge of stretch hormones in your body which, when discharged, permit you to bargain with weights or dangers. Typically known as the ‘fight or flight’ reaction 

Hormones called adrenaline and noradrenaline raise your blood weight, increment your heart rate and increment the rate at which you sweat. This plans your body for a crisis response. These hormones can to diminish blood flow to your skin and decrease your stomach movement. Cortisol, another push hormone, discharges fat and sugar into your framework to boost your vitality. 

As a result, you will encounter migraines, muscle pressure, torment, nausea, indigestion and discombobulation. You will moreover breathe more rapidly, have palpitations or endure from various hurts and torments. Within the long-term, you’ll be putting yourself at risk from heart assaults and strokes.  

All these changes are your body’s way of making it less demanding for you to battle or run absent and once the weight or danger has passed, your stress hormone levels will ordinarily return to typical. Be that as it may, in the event that you’re always beneath stress, these hormones stay in your body, driving to the side effects of push. In case you’re stuck in a active office or on an stuffed prepare, you can’t battle or run absent, so you can’t utilize the chemicals your claim body makes to secure you. Over time, the build-up of these chemicals and the changes they deliver can be harming for your health. 

What causes stress? 

All sorts of circumstances can cause stress. The foremost common include work, cash things and connections with accomplices, children or other family individuals 

Stress may be caused either by major changes and life occasions such as separate, unemployment, moving house and loss, or by a arrangement of minor aggravations such as feeling underestimated at work or contending with a family part. In some cases, there are no self-evident causes. 


Relationships and stress 

Connections are a awesome bolster in times when we feel stressed. In any case, from time to time the individuals near to you, be it a accomplice, parent, child, companion or colleague, can increment your stress levels. Occasions such as continuous minor contentions and contradictions, to bigger family emergencies, such as an undertaking, sickness or deprivation are likely to influence the way you think, feel and carry on. This may subsequently have an effect on your push levels. 

Smoking, drinking and drug use and stress 

You might discover that you simply smoke, drink liquor or utilize recreational drugs to decrease stretch. In any case, this regularly makes issues more regrettable 

Research appears that smoking may increment sentiments of uneasiness. Nicotine makes an quick, brief, sense of unwinding, which can at that point lead to withdrawal side effects and desires 

Similarly, you’ll utilize liquor as a means to oversee and adapt with troublesome sentiments, and to briefly decrease sentiments of uneasiness. In any case, alcohol may make existing mental wellbeing problems worse. It can make you’re feeling more on edge and discouraged within the long run. It is imperative to know the suggested limits and drink mindfully. 

Medicine drugs, such as tranquillisers and sleeping tablets, which may have been endorsed for exceptionally great reasons, can to cause mental and physical wellbeing issues in the event that they are utilized for long periods of time. Road drugs, such as cannabis or ecstasy, are more often than not taken for recreational purposes. For a few individuals, issues begin as their bodies get utilized to rehashed utilize of the sedate. This leads to the requirement for expanded dosages to preserve the same impact. 

Remember to seek help and support when you need it 

Keep in mind that it is affirmation to inquire for proficient offer assistance. On the off chance that you are feeling that you simply are battling to oversee on you possess, at that point you’ll reach out. It is critical to know simply to get offer assistance as before long as conceivable, which you merit to induce way better.  

To begin with, the individual to approach is your family specialist. He or she ought to be able to grant counsel approximately treatment, and may allude you to another nearby proficient. Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (typically a sort of therapy that works by making a difference to get it that your contemplations and actions can influence the way you are) feeling and Mindfulness based approaches are known to assist decrease stretch.

There are more than a number of intentional organizations which can assist you to handle the causes of push and prompt you almost ways to induce better. 



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