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People often judge a writing by how well it was written; the structure, word selections and all. Indeed a well-structured good piece of writing is always a thumbs up. But often the writing is more about the information or message the author tries to convey.

I haven’t done any degree in literature or anything similar to that field. I am not a professional writer, but I try to impart my thoughts by writing.

Today my thoughts were gazing at the concept of happiness. As I was walking tonight on my own, I was stopped by a lady. She looked to be around 45 years old. She asked me if I knew where her husband worked. She said her husband washed dishes and usually came to that road for a smoke. She added that he usually finished work near quarter to 8 pm and I looked at the time; it was 7:47 pm. She even told me her husband’s name, in case if I knew the person by name.

She told me her husband got to serve the food once a week, and he washed the dishes the other days. I directed her to the nearest food court saying that he could be working there.

As I continued my stroll, this concept of happiness just hit my mind. I imagined a story that the lady and her husband would probably go home together. The lady looked poor and may be she didn’t have credit on her phone. Or may be her husband wasn’t picking up. May be she was worried. She’d feel happy seeing her husband. They’d walk together and share how their day had been on their way home. It was just like a showering happiness that I could feel for them.

They perhaps don’t own a car, or can’t go out every weekend and spend money on dinner or drinks, but that doesn’t stop them from finding happiness.

I like the two words I used to finish the last paragraph; "finding happiness". Happiness is a spiritual thing. Some people find happiness but they are too blind not to see those. They think they are not happy, so they leave happiness and run after some illusion that they think is happiness. Eventually they lose it all.

Don’t chase happiness like a freak, happiness will look like an illusion to you. Be content and thankful for the happiness you have already found. If you have found a cloud of happiness, stay under it. It will shower you with happiness.

Don’t run away for a better cloud, you will miss out on the shower. If you have found a plant of happiness; stay with it, water it.

You will find the plant giving you sweet happiness. Don’t runaway to find a better plant, your plant will die without water, so will your happiness…

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11 thoughts on “The concept of happiness

  1. I have sudden moments of extreme happiness weekend mornings when I look at my hubby sleeping next to me in peace and I think how lucky I am. I struggled a lot to reach this point in my life, so even if it’s a fleeting moment of happiness, I really appreciate it.

  2. Great article! And a reminder that happiness does not come from the things we buy or spend money on. Happiness and you reminded us should come from within.

  3. Some profound thoughts here.
    Really, happiness in an ephimeral thing when you chase it, but when you stop you realize it’s already here as long as you can learn to appreciate it.

  4. I think happiness can vary to different people depending on their perspectives. For some, happiness can be simple but for others, it can be very complex depending on what they want to achieve. It’s all about appreciation and seeing it, feeling it.

  5. Happiness is subjective but the underlying message is still the same. Thanks for the reminder. We get so caught up with perfection that we often forget to stop and smell the roses.

  6. I think this is a lifelong wonder for many people, and each individual may have different answers, appreciate your sharing and insights – it got me thinking 🙂 – Knycx Journeying

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