The Tati Beauty Blendiful


The Tati Beauty Blendiful

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The Tati Beauty Blendiful® is the cosmetics tool you didn’t have any acquaintance with you required. This game-changing delicate finished texture apparatus is a mixing dream that is intended to flawlessly apply and relax both fluid and powder items. The adjusted edge and pointed tip help to give an ideal mix venture to step in your cosmetics’ application.

Buff in an establishment with little item squanders, experience consistent shape, smoother concealer, and the most digitally embellished powder application… indeed, even in those difficult to arrive at regions of the face. Spare items, spare time, and become the master craftsman of your own extraordinary everyday practice. Anyway you decide to utilize the Blendiful®, your look will be unified with no brutal lines without fail.

Tati Beauty, at last, propelled its second item toward the start of January 2020, and the surveys of Tati Westbrook’s Blendiful apparatus are beginning to come in. Thus far, it appears to be heaps of excellence YouTubers are fans.

A fairly innovative design, the Blendiful is not like a conventional brush, sponge, or puff, yet rather it includes a completely new design and arrives in a pack with one large Blendiful and one Baby Blendiful

When the tool was first announced, fans were going back and forth about its valuing. (One pack retails for $18.) However, presently that web cosmetics masters have gotten their hands on the item, about all the audits have been, well, quite acceptable.

How would I clean my Tati magnificence Blendiful?


Machine wash and dry in a delicates clothing sack or tenderly hand wash in warm sudsy water, flush completely and smear dry. Try not to fade. Try not to launder.

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    The Tati Beauty Blendiful
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    The Tati Beauty Blendiful

How to use TaTi Beauty Blender

Step 1: Primer
Banish the looks of pores and fine lines, by employing a pressing motion with a blurring primer.

Step 2: Foundation
Easily glide on the foundation with a sweeping or buffing motion to realize a flawless and airbrushed look.

Step 3: Concealer
Use the pointed tip to simply lay down a smooth & even amount of concealer where precision is required.

Step 4: Contour
Folding in half around your finger use a striping motion to select up and lay down your contour to the angles of the face, then softly buff out edges.

Step 5: Powder
Dip into your favorite powder and use a patting motion to get down product for an airbrushed locked in finish.

Step 6: Highlight
Taking an angled side, dab on cream or powder highlight to the places you would like to glow.

The Tati Beauty Blendiful

AMAZON – The Tati Beauty Blendiful BUY NOW


  • Those blenders look so soft! I feel like after a wash or two they wouldn’t be quite as soft though, either way I am still going to go check it out.

  • I use a makeup brush, so I might need to give this one a try and see how it works

  • I’ve not heard of this before, it looks really handy for applying make up and would make a great stocking filler for Christmas too

  • Great video! I could use with trying out the Tati Beauty Blender as I don’t use other products at the moment and this gives a nicer finish

  • Oh! I love Tati and I have been following her YouTube Channel for 3 years now. It’s a shame that I have never tried any of her product…thanks for sharing this review.

  • What a lovely makeup tool. I will check it out and buy myself a few, even though I’m not wearing makeup too often.

  • Gervin Khan -

    Wow! This Tati Beauty looks really good and I’m very much interested to know more. As I read your post, it has great benefactors and amazing addition to our skincare regime.

  • I love the soft material of the blender! I tend to use my fingers or brushes since I don’t wear a lot of foundation. Sounds like a great tool to try out though and Tati is a well known name!

  • That is such a great idea. I’ve never seen a blender like that before. I love that it can be cleaned too.

  • Blair Villanueva -

    I honestly haven’t got into make-up recently, and if I did I just use my fingers to blend my make-up.
    You did an awesome review, which is why I am intrigued to try this one.

  • Elizabeth O -

    What a terrific way to apply makeup and it looks fabulous. Might consider it sometime.

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