Trust is a solid word

Trust is a solid word

An importance broken into two.

This word spins around one letter

This letter which was u.

Your words start to make no difference to me,

You keep on lying faintly.

Had me persuaded that you were unique,

However here I am, with a messed up trust.

My heart detached from the focal point of my chest,

Torn into a million pieces.

You guaranteed me again and again

That you would improve.

Be that as it may, I before long came to figure it out

That you’re the same than the first spot when we met.

Every occasion replayed itself,

Also, each time you sold out me.

I don’t trust I’ll ever genuinely comprehend the significance of trust.

I won’t live by this word,

For its significance is awfully effortlessly broken,

Furthermore, hard to fix.

No longer will I permit trust to oversee my life,

No longer will I permit your adoration in my life.

I remain here alone,

With a messed up trust.

My ultimate words to whom it may concern,

My trust in you was a privilege.

You kept on breaking the very string

That held my trust for you.

Naturally I would say I’m to guilt,
But despondently I do not deserve this claim.

My eyes have reopened
To never again let you gain my trust.


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