October 31, 2020

What is the big game hunting?

Big game hunting is no doubt the best hunting because the prey can place the hunter at risk of personal injury

Big game hunting is no doubt the best hunting in the genre. Why, because the pursuit of the major intent which is the prey can place the hunter at risk of personal damage. Bears, big cats, bears, elephants, moose, buffalo… these animals are considerably hard to shoot down and most fight back.

So what are the best games in big game hunting? Those mentioned are the best but read on as I detail why these games are the best.

Big Game Hunting: Bears

Long ago, bears have feared creatures that are shot on sight. This was because their behavior has been little understood until recently. Bears have made it to the endangered species list when their number decline to over just a few hundred. A ban was made and habitats were sprung up to aid them. But these creatures are highly adaptable and in just a short time, numbers of bears swell especially in Canada and some parts of the US like New Jersey.

Today, bears are becoming a favorite game for most hunters since the ban was lifted again. The fact that the emerging bears are quite happy in adapting to life in the suburbs cause major hysteria to households and regulating officials to declare bear hunting season is once again open.

A reminder though, bears reproduces slowly so big game hunting should be carefully controlled.

Big Game Hunting: Big Cats

Big cats refer to lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, cheetah, puma, snow leopard (different from the leopard), and clouded leopard. Big cats are far more swift and cunning than bears, so they can be the most dangerous big game hunting. Their strength can overpower any man, even the strongly built. Plus they do not die easily; their bodies can take a few hits before falling. Even headshots would not immediately kill them (approximately 20 seconds before falling).

Man-eaters are extremely dangerous and most big cats are man-eaters. A number of occasions happened when the big game hunting backfired and it is the hunter that was killed.

Big Game Hunting: Elephants

The rampant spates of poaching activities for the elephant’s tusks have severely declined the number of elephants over the decade. Elephants are now highly protected by the government so big game hunting for elephants is not so widespread.

Elephants are the toughest mammal to break, much, much tougher than any other game. They have thick skull that could render some bullets useless. Their huge body mass could withstand a lot of punishment and they are extremely dangerous when enraged in close range. Enraged elephants have been known to topple over trucks and uproot trees.


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