When our destiny lies slumbering

When our destiny lies slumbering

When our destiny lies slumbering

My wishes have twirled into flames,

So many things rotated into collusions,

Someone is snatching my breath,

And depriving my peace.

My heart feels so blank,

Eyes began to close down,

Just like the unfortunately lost stars

It kept urging.

Only you lie in my intuitive,

No tears stayed.

Behind the mesh of my eyelashes,

What can anyone do?

When our destiny lies slumbering,

I am very glad since…

I stopped thinking of you,

Satisfy grant a moon in this dusky evening.

My heart stings thinking about you,

Rough phases are triggered by careless past events.

Love-less interactions only give wet eyes,

Did I deserve this throbbing all the time?

Is it written in my fortune to restore after all these?

My heart was absolutely smashed,

It kept on saying before getting numb.

This is undisclosed of affection,

That it can turn the route of every slash,

I am very ecstatic since…

I bunged thinking of you,

Please grant a moon in this gloomy twilight,

My heart scorches thinking about you.


22 thoughts on “When our destiny lies slumbering

  1. Reading your poems, I think I learn more about your world and your perception and reflection of it.

  2. So beautifully written…just loved your words…this poem is so damn heart touching and stunning…glad you shared this with us…

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