Wish you were here Daddy


Wish you were here Daddy


Daddy, I wish there were staying hours in heaven.

Can you call my name and take me with you?

Daddy its too hard for me to live without you.

Daddy,I fall apart in the middle of the night

when my eyes sting from the toxic tears.

Daddy I don’t want to die and want to make

a more wishes but always something stopped me.

Daddy I am crying but no one here to care anymore.

Daddy I fall apart in the middle of the night

when I feel the impulse to create my next note

 Daddy my Life is eternally changed and things feel meaningless, grey, and empty.

 Daddy I miss you so much, now there is no one to help me,

when I’m fighting with myself.

Please Grip my finger Daddy And show me the way,

So that I can go out, In the immense sphere one day.

Daddy, My heart still twinges in sadness,

My silent tears still flow daddy,

When I’m feeling sad. Let me know it’s okay.

And I won’t feel so bad.

Daddy I don’t look for the star any longer,

since predetermination has removed

my life’s most brilliant star.

I miss you daddy.

10 thoughts on “Wish you were here Daddy

  1. What a beautiful poem. I have been without a father for 29 years. Yes, it has been that long and I still miss my daddy so much. I know that he and my mom are at peace now, together again in heaven but the pain of not having parents anymore is always here. Hugs to you and thank you for sharing your poem.

  2. Such a beautiful and heartfelt poem for a dad. Thank you so much for sharing your creation with us. Keep safe!

  3. Nice little poem with plenty of emotion and thoughtfulness. I hope you find a way to fill the void, although I know it isn’t easy.

  4. Indeed a heartfelt poem. I can really feel how you miss your father in the poem. I am sure many could relate to it.

  5. Such a heart-wrenching poem, I couldn’t read it without crying! It makes me hold my dad even closer.

  6. This is such a powerful and emotional poem. I can feel your emotions. It’s so heartbreaking.

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