About Us

About Us


The world’s most mesmerizing people and, therefore, the moments that matter.

With exclusive access to the A-list, beautiful photographic galleries and intriguing interviews, lifestyle, and shares breaking news, Health, and lifestyle, and more.

Photography is an illustrating the most scenic view of our life, and to recall it forever and to remember beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

To travel from one place to another al you need is a passionate outcome of ourselves because traveling is done once but remembered forever!

The one-stop- for all your lifestyle needs.

Blogging expressions our life out of a nutshell and to dwell our way of the things have been planning lately. Blogging, traveling and photography is a blend that is the complete package for one who wishes to see life at a broader perspective with bounties of practical knowledge about life an end.

Life is short to enjoy, but its beauty and quality can be extended with the joyous moments we add to it. From entertainment to amazing life stories to couples enjoying the different phases of a relationship.

Poetry also adds an aromatic essence in one’s life, for those who have been keeping a keen interest in reading the quality, this platform is meant for those.

Always be a poet, visionary, and Explorer, and that is the oneliner of me.

Always check our Magazineup website to get more information about the world.
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