Ramadan Fasting vs. Scientific Fasting

Ramadan Fasting vs. Scientific Fasting: Understanding the Differences and Purposes

Ramadan Fasting vs. Scientific Fasting: Understanding the Differences and Purposes Ramadan fasting and scientific fasting are two distinct types of fasting with different goals and purposes. Ramadan fasting is a religious practice observed by Muslims worldwide during the month of Ramadan, while scientific fasting is a therapeutic approach used for health purposes. Ramadan fasting is…

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Financial Issue 17

Photosynthetic Nutrition For Health and Life

Living organisms are continuously undergoing chemical reactions which provide rise to energy changes in their bodies. of these reactions and changes are termed metabolism. Basically, metabolism consists of two processes, the synthesis or build-up of complex body substances from simpler constituents and energy, and therefore the decomposition nor breaking down of those complex substances and energy. the primary process is understood as anabolism and therefore the second as catabolism….

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Financial Issue 13

Five Healthy Foods to Improve Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery

Patients who reduce with bariatric surgery usually set their sights on living a healthier life using weight loss surgery as a tool for weight loss and healthy weight management. Many patients are concerned they’ll suffer nutritional deficiencies as a results of malabsorptive surgery like gastric bypass because the surgery restricts the absorption of nutrients from food. Patients are prescribed dietary supplements to make sure their…

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Financial Issue 8

Benefits of increasing your metabolism

Benefits of increasing your metabolism You got to take it higher… (Benefits of increasing your metabolism) Did you know that the key to effective weight loss is by mellowing down your metabolism? Metabolism is that the process of burning calories in your body that happens naturally even you’re not exerting any effort- yes including once you are sleeping. Metabolism, if increased,…

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COVID-19 and Sleep

Although not everything is known about coronavirus disease (COVID-19), taking precautions to stop contracting the illness is significant. The need for sleep to spice up your immune system One of the simplest belongings you can do if you do get sick with COVID-19 or any virus is to get sufficiently to sleep. Your body needs sleep to fight the infection if you’re ill and help prevent the infection if you’re not. Although there…

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