Breathtaking 10 celebrities who fell into “poverty”

In the entertainment world, nothing is pleasing; a bad decision made these stars lose almost all their money. Know their cases!

Nicolas Cage
  10 celebrities who fell into “poverty”- In the entertainment world, nothing is pleasing; a bad decision made these stars lose almost all their money. Know their cases! They say that fame and success are not two things that always go hand in hand with an immense fortune. There are plenty of cases. Most of the time, celebrities manage to earn good sums of money, but bad decisions, doubtful investments or simply wastefulness, cause wealth to fade away. Movie or music stars have gone through this difficult process of having to declare bankruptcy and poverty.  

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson   Although he created great successes in the music industry and his fortune was estimated at 500 million dollars, he ended his life in poverty. In 2003, his former financial advisors announced that the singer was bankrupt and unable to cope with his debts.  

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger   In the early 90’s she declared bankruptcy. Although the actress came to charge up to 3 million dollars per film, she declared bankruptcy when a court forced her to compensate with the producer for a breach of contract.  

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp     The fall of his fortune began in 2017 with a demand from his group of lawyers, who demanded the payment of 5 million dollars to manage their finances.   Debbie Reynolds Debbie Reynolds    The actress did not enjoy much of the money given by the cinema. Her second husband, Harry Karl, squandered the money in the game and bad investments that also left her a debt of 3 million dollars. Debbie had to declare bankruptcy.  

Mike Tyson

  Mike Tyson Despite the millions he earned every time he climbed into the ring, this boxer lost all his fortune. He faced several divorce and rape trials for which he had to pay huge amounts of money. His excessive expenses also affected his enormous fortune.  

Cyndi Lauper

  Cyndi Lauper Although her song “Girls just want to have fun” is a feminist anthem of the 80s, the singer’s beginnings were not so good. Her debut album was a failure, and her manager sued her for 80 thousand dollars, an amount she didn’t have, so she declared bankruptcy.  

Burt Reynolds

   Burt Reynolds During the 70s, He was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He signed millionaire contracts, but his disproportionate expenses, his bad investments, and a complicated divorce in the 90s, undermined his fortune.  

Francis Ford Coppola

  Francis Ford Coppola  Although he is one of the great men of cinema, there was a time when he suffered from poverty. His producer had launched two box office failures that triggered his debts with Warner.  

Walt Disney

  Walt Disney Although Mickey Mouse brought him millionaire profits, his first productions were a failure, and he was very close to bankruptcy. But then came the first short film of the little mouse and the luck of its creator began to change.  

Nicolas Cage

  Nicolas Cage The actor has squandered his fortune in an unequaled way. He came to own 15 houses, which caused his wealth to decrease dramatically. For years he has been forced to participate in minor productions to meet his debts.   Did you know all this before? Does the celebrity face poverty? Must share!  

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