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Kea-The Kiwi Mountain Parrot

Kea-The Kiwi Mountain Parrot Kea-The Kiwi Mountain Parrot – Facts file  The Kea is a native Kiwi parrot found in the Southern Island of New Zealand. Its beak around 4.5cm-5cm long for males, while the female’s beak is 4-4.5cm long. Their wingspan is 1m in width and they are about 46cm long. A male Kea…

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Indian giant squirrel

Indian giant squirrel The Malabar Giant Squirrels (or Indian Giant Squirrel) are an endemic Indian species, found throughout India in places like the Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats and the Satpura Range in states such as Madhya Pradesh. Body length-wise, they are 20-25 cm, their tail around 45cm in length, and their weight from 1.5-2kg. They…

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Baboons:The Monkeys With the Scarlet Booties

Baboons: The Monkeys With the Scarlet Booties Baboons- “Few mysterious facts areby nature,Fixed to their ways.Baboons carry their innocent eyesI find peace in thoseSometimes for long days..” Baboons are probably the most identifiable of the monkey world. They have tufts of hair on either side of their appearances and enormous, smooth bottoms that can turn…

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Super Rugby Match of the Round

  Super Rugby Match of the Round: Highlanders steal their first victory of the season in extra time-   The Brumbies came into the game undefeated this season, while the Highlanders came off a disappointing home defeat to the Sharks. Aaron Mauger’s side had one thing favoring them heading into the game was the fact…

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