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Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020 – Best Tech Christmas Gift

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020, Magazineup

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020 – Best Tech Christmas Gift Products You Need

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020, Magazineup

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020-is continually changing with new and innovative products being launched per annum. it’s common to seek out several events serving as a platform through which products that take the planet by the storm are launched, changing the technology landscape forever. the buyer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one such event that draws thousands of tourists annually.

In January 2020, attendees at the favored event need to interact with the newest products within the market from a number of renowned tech brands. Here are a number of the unique technology products that stood out and are worth finding out in 2020.

  1. Toilet paper robots

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020, Magazineup

Toilet paper running out when in the lavatory can be very frustrating, especially when a new roll isn’t within reach. Fortunately, a solution exists in the robot invented by Proctor & Gamble, a company dealing in personal products.

The robot tech serves people using the toilet by bringing them a fresh roll within the shortest time. It is small and can move on its own when directed by a smartphone to a toilet cubicle whose user needs toilet paper urgently.

  1. Smart pillows

Technology is making sleeping for snorers less loud and distracting for his or her partners. The pillow, which is mentioned as a motion pillow, collects information about the user and adjusts to suit their needs.

The inbuilt airbags help change its shape in order that the top of the person using it, is tilted to an honest position that minimizes snoring.

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020, Magazineup

  1. Virtual car visors

Regular sun visors in vehicles are becoming an upgrade that creates driving easier for vehicle owners. The virtual car visor introduced by Bosch will revolutionize the vehicle industry and quickly replace the standard visor with a more intelligent one. 

AI within the system that powers the car visor enables it to seek out the eyes of the driving force and shield them from sunlight by darkening the windshield.

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020, Magazineup

  1. Phone-like television

Scrolling on a smartphone is probably the most common way of passing the time for many people who enjoy looking at photos and watching videos online. Most times, the phone is held in a portrait position, unlike televisions that are usually presented in a landscape position.

In an attempt to bring the experience of the smartphone to a bigger screen, Samsung launched Sero TV. The television can turn into an upright position allowing users to watch videos on a display resembling a large phone. It connects to various mobile phones and plays available videos directly.

  1. Smart wastebasket

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020, Magazineup

Unloading your wastebasket and placing a replacement bag into the container goes to be a thing of the past. The Town may be a waste can that seals itself and introduces another bag into the can with none human assistance.

Users of the smart product only got to touch a button to activate it when full, for the sealing process to start. In most cases, the sealed bag is pushed to the highest, making it easier for disposal no matter the sort of waste.

Ultimately, innovative products within the technology space are sure to increase in 2020 and beyond, for the advantage of tech lovers.

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  • I really love that smart Pillow and Smart trash can idea. I have the trash can with open and close button but they can break easily. Thanks for sharing.

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