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How Home Insurance Lawyers Can Help Resolve Your Case

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Terri-Lynn Robinson’s life was turned upside down when a disagreement with her ex-husband went horribly wrong. As he was packing to go, he determined to exact his vengeance. He took out a BBQ lighter and set fire to the full length of their bed skirt. With her present. Her bedroom caught fire within minutes.

Terri was able to flee, but her home and life were in disarray. Her house, which had been set on fire, was uninhabitable. She contacted her insurance company, which denied her claim. They claimed that because her ex-husband was on the title, the harm was caused by the homeowner and hence not insured.

Terri is a spousal abuse victim who lost her home after the dissolution of her marriage. When she thought things couldn’t get much worse, she was told she was on her own. The insurance that she had paid for would not cover her.

Terri was forced to pay the mortgage on a “rotting shell” while living in a shelter. She couldn’t afford the repairs on her income, and she now faces the very real prospect of bankruptcy and losing her remaining assets. A house insurance lawyer can assist you if you find yourself in a similar predicament.

This happens more frequently than you think.

Terri-Lynn is not the only woman to be the victim of domestic violence and arson. She is far from the first person to have her claims unfairly refused. The unfortunate result of these denials can be total loss of life quality and home. Home insurance attorneys serve as the link between these terrible occurrences and a good outcome.

Lawyers advocate for your rights and insurance claims. Insurance is paid for so that it is available when you need it most. It is a pity that this money has been misplaced, putting you out of pocket for additional bills that you cannot afford during your most difficult times.

Lawyers Achieve Results

Insurance companies are simply: businesses. Businesses exist to make money. Furthermore, insurance claims are scrutinised to ensure that they are not fraudulent. Unfortunately, this type of analysis frequently results in homeowners’ claims being refused. Home insurance lawyers are well-versed in the laws and regulations governing insurance and claims. If your claim is refused, your next best step is to seek assistance.

The majority of home insurance lawyers are paid on a commission basis. This implies they are not paid until you are. They recognise that your current circumstance has already put a strain on your finances. Hiring a lawyer should not add to your present stress level. If you can acquire the assistance you need to fight a valid claim. Make the call to get the money you need to repair your home and life without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses.

Home insurance lawyers will fight for you. They are the intermediary who understands your circumstance while also possessing the legal knowledge to work in your advantage. You pay for your insurance to protect you. A home insurance lawyer will take the time necessary to ensure that this occurs.

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