The Scream of Fireworks

The Scream of Fireworks

Dear little chum,

Here is my open letter to you.

Misery is like a carnival,

humming by in waves of the blast.

echoing through the Thundering skies from miles away

the scream of fireworks

And sparkling lights become blood rain,

it pours with the color red

you poor Li’l soul might be excited

painting puzzle with your dead blood.



10 thoughts on “MAGAZINEUP’S PODCAST EPISODE 7 -The Scream of Fireworks

  1. It is so heartbreaking to learn of children in the midst of conflict. These innocent little ones do not deserve any of it. I hope and pray that there will be no more wars, ever! Thank you for sharing your poem.

  2. What a poem! It hits you where it is meant to. I think most of us can’t even begin to understand the psychology of children growing up in the midst of a war.

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