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Nachos-Facts and History of the much-cherished snack

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Nachos-Facts and History of the much-cherished snack

Nachos. Don’t we love them? Spicy, non-spicy, cheesy, creamy, you name it. Nachos are the perfect party snack that people all over the world love to eat. Nachos are so loved that it even has their own International Day. Some people celebrate International Nachos Day on the 21st of October. National Nacho Day is on the 6th of November in the U.S.A.There is an International Nacho Day which is celebrated in Piedras Negras between the 13th of October and the 15th of October. The origins of Nachos are Mexican. In fact, the earliest known appearance of Nachos was back in 1943.

Ingredients that can/are used in making nachos:

Fried Tortilla Chips, cheese, jalapenos, salsa mix/dip, black beans, lettuce, lime, olives, beans, chilli, cilantro, sour cream and chives. One can make some nachos with meat, guacamole, olives, onions, garlic, ranch dressing, and tomatoes.

Who invented it?

Ignacio Anaya, a chef from the Old Victory Club in Piedras Negras.

Where was it invented?

In the Old Victory Club in Piedras Negras, which is a northern city in Mexico, that is close to the U.S. Military base in the southern state of Texas.

How was it invented?

Origins of Nachos trace back to 1943 near Piedras Negras. It is a city near the U.S. Military base in Fort Duncan in the southern state of Texas.

After a long shopping, a group of U.S. military wives decided to stop by for some dinner. However, all the restaurants in the region were closed. Ignacio Anaya, a chef at the Old Victory Club in Piedras Negras, used leftover food that was in the kitchen. Anaya improvised on that to create a dish/snack for the ladies. He had to fry and slice some tortilla chips, and use some shredded cheddar cheese, and jalapenos. He put it all together and cooked it in the oven for a couple of minutes. Once cooked, Anaya served it to the ladies and named it after his nickname, which was ‘Nacho’.The rest is history.


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