Tokyo Fashion Week Brought Some Color on the Street


Paris Design Week may have finished off the Official Style Month schedule recently, however informally, as seen in the city of Tokyo this week, there was still a lot of style to come. With Covid leveled out in Tokyo, the city facilitated an in-person Design Week for style brands like Hyke and Tae Ashida, and show-participants showed up in the roads of the design capital dressed their best, however their hottest, as well, layering dresses over dresses and sweaters over shirts effortlessly. Though we expect that all road style stars this season have on a couple of layers of Heattech under their on-pattern groups, this presentation was extraordinary. In Tokyo, there’s something else entirely to layering than simply the basic expansion of base layers.

Outside of shows, road style stars in the clamoring city styled themselves in approaches to battle all conceivable climate conditions, heaping on weave boleros, varsity coats, stitched coats, and turtlenecks — which could all be shaken off and put away in their handbags when not, at this point essential. It’s an idiot proof approach to dress during winter.

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