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Technology has increasingly made huge strides ahead, even as the rest of the aspect remains behind. After the industrial revolution, information technology took root, and since then, no one has looked back.

The complexity and diversity of this industry have continued to grow past the predicted levels. You can name any sector, any place, and any definitely anything, and the chances are that technological advances have a hand in how it is.

Education, health, communication, agriculture, time, space exploration, locations, wars, peace, to name but a few, all have had an impact from technological advances. And due to this, the world is either a safer place or the worst place. Of course, you know your pick, let us not stage a debate on the pros and cons of technology here, and so spare your discretion.


We have seen the emergence of software that has forever promised to change everything we believed we could do. This is the power of technology, making you think in the future, making you believe you can. Since its invention, there has come big data, cyberspace protection, social media, robotics, artificial intelligence, and many more that we shall discuss in this post.

The article, therefore, seeks to answer the latest technology trends that have been dropped on us. It is unlikely that a firm that doesn’t keep up with these trends will survive in the industry.


5G networks

 5G networks


5G connection is a mobile technology that promises to completely revolutionize the industry in such a way that one shall enjoy faster connectivity, super-fast uploads, and downloads affordable data packages and real-time voice and text message feedback.

Additionally, the network would be stable and unlimited for everyone.

5th generation networks succeeded in the 4G connection, which has taken shape in most of the global countries. However, the new invention is yet to reach most of the countries due to how expensive it is, however as time goes, experience says it will be business as usual after the technology gets adopted all over. Besides, who wants to remain behind?

When talking about fast internet speeds, we are talking about the fast streaming of music and movies on the move and with the best quality. We are talking about enhanced reliability of wireless connection at home and in business, etc. also, increased speeds translate to improved bandwidth, which then enables robotic creatures, and autonomous vehicles to collect and relay data fast.

Furthermore, this advancement promises unlimited sharing of data and at a breakneck pace. Therefore, it is apparent that we all want to be on the other side of the room.

Personalized Medicare


Personalized Medicare

Joseph Ecker, Salk Institute scientist holds at a flow cell slide used in a DNA genome sequencing machine. (Howard Lipin)Do you own a smartwatch? Do you wear them? Well, you should. This is just one gadget in many that tend to scan and analyze the data it collects in your body, such as blood pressure, salt concentration, temperature levels, etc.

The data collected is analyzed, and the results are drawn. In other words, a smartwatch can help physicians to draw a diagnosis without necessarily seeing the symptoms. Before the infection or the defect starts to take shape, you will have received medical attention.

Precision medicine is a new approach adopted by the doctors, which enables them to administer treatments and give prescriptions according to one’s body specifications. Advancement in genomics further helps the situation. Human bodies differ; there are those that are adapted to fight off specific illnesses, and those that are not, the data which is collected enables the system to analyze and pinpoint the line of medication which will be able to work for you.

Since people react differently to specific treatments, this data will reveal this. This advancement helps the medical industry not only to customize treatments but also to predict medical problems to ready them to fight them effectively.

Extended reality


Consists of the virtual and mixed realities, and augmented reality. However, the term is widely used to describe a majority of the creative discoveries that have been made.

Have you experienced 3D and 7D realities? Well, this is the work of virtual reality. Here, you are able to enter in the computer world by using headsets. Furthermore, if you are a Snapchat fancy, then you are familiar with Snapchat filters. What they do is that they collect digital images and overlays them to the real world via the screen displays. This is caused by augmented reality.

Also, being able to interact with digital objects such as playing billiards or a piano which is in your room and access it via headsets is an effect of the mixed reality. Mixed reality is an extension of augmented reality.

These discoveries have been heavily confined in the entertainment industry. It is an excellent prospect to expect the adoption of extended reality in businesses.


Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology


Blockchain tech has been with us for some time now. But you walk in a room and mention it; the chances are that the reception will be genuinely blank. This tech is simply a digital ledger that is widely used to record digital transactions. However, it is decentralized and highly encrypted; that is why it is inaccessible.

Many blockchain techs are being created all over the world. Initially, it was a rough ride for the likes of bitcoin. Still, the industry has seen a surge in investments ranging from small to giant companies, latest being Facebook to launch its digital money pocket known as Libra. It’s just a matter of time before everyone enjoins.

Artificial intelligence as a service

Artificial intelligence as a service

AI has been with us for some time now. However, a new angle has been adopted so that companies have started to invest in AI as a tool to assist in service provision. There’s a feeling most businesses will take this route in the near future.

Autonomous driving

Big data opened gates to new possibilities, such as autonomous driving. The prospects in this industry are so high that Tesla company-car manufacturer believes to be in plans of delivering a fully autonomous vehicle this year.

The bottom line

However, further, we advance and believe the best we can get is in our hands, the possibilities that lie beyond that tech horizon keep us excited and in full expectation of the unknown. It is, however, not surprising that this industry has employed more people than any other globally in the past three decades. It will prick your skin, just imagining the unimaginable.



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