Yemen: Infinite misery of children continues due to war, aid crisis

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People in rustic parts of Yemen are suffering from life-threatening hunger. Peace and Security too. The Yemen conflict killed or mutilated children as hostilities strengthened in 2019 and 2020; that is according to a new report of the UN Secretary-General on Children and Armed conflict in the country.

Why are people in Yemen suffering?

Since 2016, a food instability crisis has been ongoing in Yemen which started during the Yemeni Civil War.. The main cause of the crisis is the ongoing Yemeni Civil War. Aid frequently can not effectively reach the population because of the ongoing civil war and the obstruction of Yemen by Saudi Arabia which started in 2015.


What’s the problem with Yemen?

Six years into an armed conflict that has killed and wounded civilians, Yemen remains the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Yemen is passing the world’s worst food security crisis with 20.1 million people — nearly two-thirds of the population — demanding food backing at the beginning of 2020.

Why Yemen is poor?

The main reason for poverty in Yemen is a lack of introductory resources, similar to water, healthcare, and education. Rural and remote areas make it physically, intellectually, economically, and socially isolated from the rest of the region. Beyond this, Yemen faces many other problems as well

Is Yemen the poorest country?

For years formerly the poorest country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Yemen now suffers from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Bogged in conflict since early 2015, fighting has devastated its economy — leading to serious food instability — and destroyed critical infrastructure.


Is Yemen still in crisis?

Since 2016, Yemen has been in the midst of a civil war. Since also, it has regularly been called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis ‘by the United Nations and other associations, including in 2021.

Who’s helping Yemen?

UNICEF is on the ground across Yemen to save children’s lives, to help them manage the impact of conflict, and to help them to recover and renew their childhoods. Conflict and violence have pushed more families into poverty and privation.


What’s Yemen famous for?

Yemen was known for Frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense and myrrh are two luxury particulars that Yemen was known for. Currently, it’s crude oil and coffee.

“Considering the rights and needs of children into the discussions will also be critical for sustainable peace and for the future of the country,” said Ms. Gamba, adding that the Practical Guidance for Mediators to Protect Children in Situations of Armed Conflict issued by her office, is an important and useful tool in the context of Yemen.

“The terrible toll that the war in Yemen takes on children must end. Peace is the only solution and child survivors need our support to heal and rebuild their lives,” she stressed.

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