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Top 10 best indoor Plants That Need Little Light


It is quite understandable that there are some people whose daily work schedule offers little or no time whatsoever to give their plants the care and attention often required, especially if the living conditions within the home does not provide the necessary sunlight needed for a suitable living environment for the plant to thrive or even survive. 

One of the main concerns expressed by most people with a busy schedule and who are considering getting a houseplant is the plant’s ability to survive in a low-light setting. For a plant to survive, you need to create the right setting which duplicates the plant’s natural habitat.

And although you may be able to recreate the favorable conditions suited to the plant’s needs, the key ingredient to determining the survival of your plant is choosing the correct house plant for your home or office shade. 

Choosing a house plant for a location within the home or garden that offers a low light setting can easily become a challenging and often frustrating task. Any location within the home at a distance of eight feet or more from a large enough window is considered as subject to a low light level. Such areas may include, hallways, a room with small or heavy drapes, basements or office spaces. 

If you are looking for some large house plants for a selection of low light spaces within your home, walk with me as we take a look at the top ten large house plants that are best known to thrive in a low-light environment. 


The Snake Plant 


Undoubtedly one of the easiest plants to grow, the architecturally shaped snake plant does quite well when neglected. The snake plant with its versatility is generally seen in both short and tall variations often between 4 to 6ft tall, making it the perfect houseplant addition to your home.

Best known to withstand low-light settings, the snake plant is also known to thrive when placed in a brighter location. However, in spite of its adaptiveness, the snake plant is known to develop a condition known as root rot if exposed to too much water.


The Arrowhead Vine 


If you have ever heard of the arrowhead vine, you may already know that this large house plant featuring its distinctly arrow-shaped leaves is one of the most common and best-recommended house plants that need a low amount of light. Even within a low light setting, these colorful leaves of the arrowhead vine are known to keep their variegation.

Unlike many plants, there are several variations of the arrowhead vine to choose from. Depending on the type of arrowhead vine, this house plant will generally contain variegated foliage on its arrow-shaped leaves and will have either a number of white or bronze markings with small sketches of pink.

Smaller species of the arrowhead vine are known to form a mound that can grow to as much as a foot in height and will vine its stems as the plant continues to grow. The arrowhead vine can be grown upright in a flower pot or trailing in a hanging basket. 


The Pothos 


The Pothos, with its heart-shaped leaves, is frequently confused with the heartleaf philodendron. This low-maintenance household vine can be grown as a potted tabletop plant, trained in an upright position with support or in a hanging basket. Although the Pothos is recognized as a houseplant requiring a small amount of light, when placed in adequate sunlight, its leaves are known to display increased variegation. 


Cast-Iron Plant


True to its name, the cast-iron plant is one of the most resilient plants you could ever choose for your low light house plant. The cast-iron plant is known to thrive in low light, low humidity, varying ranges of temperature and mistreatment. The cast-iron plant is often seen as a slow grower. As such, you should choose a plant large enough to fill the space you are looking to highlight with your household plant. Several species of the cast-iron plant are known for having yellow or white variegations on their leaves. 

The Dieffenbachia

Many closely related species of this low light level household plant share its common name. Best known for its large green and white leaves, the Dieffenbachia will create a tropical look and feel for just about any room within your home or office.

All known species of the Dieffenbachia produce cane-like stems, with lush foliage, variegated in white and green and seen in many large household plant pictures. The Dieffenbachia can be grown as a single large house plant like a tree which requires low light.

The plant can also be grown by grouping several Dieffenbachia together in a single flower pot to create a shrub-like appearance. 

The Philodendron 


A strong, easy growing foliage plant, the heart-leaf philodendron is generally seen as a large low light house plant used within the home. Best known to thrive in low light locations, the philodendron, with its attractive heart-shaped leaves, can frequently be seen trailing over the edge of a bookcase or suspended in a hanging pot. 

The Zeezee Plant 


Another easily grown houseplant that grows well in a low light setting and thrives on neglect is the succulent Zeezee plant. One of the preferred household plants by most persons, the Zeezee plant is better-known for its thick, durable, fleshy and shiny leaf stalks. However, this plant is noticeably a slow grower so when purchasing, try to ensure that you select a large house plant if you are looking for a sizable specimen. 

The Chinese Evergreen 

Considerably the Chinese Evergreen is awarded by many as one of the best choices of house plants to brighten low-light areas within the home. The Chinese Evergreen, with its great foliage and varying shades of green, silver and gray is widely used within several shopping malls.

They can often be seen placed around the base of taller tree-like house plants due to their robust and care free personality. 


The Peace Lily 


The Peace Lily is easily recognized for its stunning single-petaled white flower hovering above its large dark leaves, and also as one of the best known low-light house plants for cleaning toxins out of the air within your home. Diversity of the variegated Peace Lily house plant is also available at home and garden centres such as large household plants B&Q. However, these varieties are often seen as much smaller plants consisting of smaller flowers. 



Peperomias are best-known as members of a diverse selection of small house plants famed for their textured and waxy leaves. Some species of the Peperomia widely available include the Silverleaf peperomias, the watermelon, and the ripple peperomias.

You can easily pick up any of these large household plants from any large house plant nurseries worldwide, or have your large houseplant delivered right to your door at Amazon.

If you have got a low light area at your home or office that needs some brightening up, feel free to try any from our list of large house plants to create a more lively look and feel.


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