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Best Interior Decorating Secrets – Decorating Tips and Tricks

Best Interior Decorating Secrets, Magazineup

Best Interior Decorating Secrets – Decorating Tips and Tricks

Best Interior Decorating Secrets, Magazineup

Best Interior Decorating Secrets

Home interior designing can be challenging and intimidating for most homeowners. It’s often a costly investment that you’ll be using for a number of years or even decades. However, we’ve compiled a few tips from the best home interior designers in the world that can help you on this adventure:

Hang your Artwork Properly

Ensure your paintings are hung at eye-level. Experts recommend placing it at a height of 57 inches,

which is a rule followed by most art galleries around the world.

Use Your Furnishings to Determine the Color Scheme

Take a look at your favorite rugs, curtains, or furniture pieces. Choose the paint of your walls accordingly. For instance, if your rugs have hints of blue on them, play that color up, either on your accent walls or your regular walls. In case your couch is colored turquoise, you could try contrasting colors like yellow or orange.

You could also try out wall stencils, which are an inexpensive and great way to generate interest in your room’s design.

Do Not Go Overboard When It Comes To Themes

If you’re looking to design specific themed spaces, ensure you don’t overdo it. Many people make this mistake and the end result often winds up looking amateurish. You should stick to themes that have paint colors. Add minimal collectibles and artwork for completing this look.

Best Interior Decorating Secrets, Magazineup

Go for Layer Lighting

Overhead lights may not always be sufficient enough for your needs. Therefore, try using a single central lighting fixture to light up the room. This should be supplemented with wall sconces and lamps to amplify the effect. Layer lighting will ensure that the spotlight isn’t restricted to a single area and spread the attention throughout your entire room.

Hang Up Mirrors

Apart from increasing the interest in your room, mirrors are also useful for making your space look brighter and bigger. If you hang them on walls, which are directly opposite to the windows in your room, the light entering the room will bounce further into the room.

Area Rugs Are Important

Ensure that your chairs and sofa fit perfectly well on the area rug. You can also try placing your furniture partly on your rug and partly outside it to enhance the look of your room. Don’t use small rugs though – they may make your room’s scale seem disproportionate.

Remove All the Clutter

All home designs are dead-set against clutter. Therefore, it is essential to use a home interior design that eliminates clutter completely. You could try organizing your books in horizontal stacks on vertical rows. You could also try using decorative baskets and bins for storing your magazines, pens, keys, and mail.

Increase the Greenery

Almost every home design makes it a point to include a flower vase or houseplant to enhance the look of your house. Flowers and plants are actually a great way to increase the color in your room.

Add More Pillows

Pillows happen to be a great, inexpensive, and quick interior design item that can improve the look of your old furniture pieces.

You could include them in your room in contrasting textures and colors. Add at least 4 pillows since anything less than that could wind up looking too skimpy.

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