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Covid-19 -Alone you’re strong but together you’re stronger

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Covid-19  Alone you’re strong….together you’re stronger (you believe or not, COVID19 does)

This is true- -COVID19 virus follows the same theory to infect millions and many people around the globe. COVID19 is extremely different from other COVIDs which individuals may need to experience a minimum of at the extent of transmission from human to human.
People experience normal flu-like symptoms with other COVIDs and still can choose work. However, when COVID19 emerged (does not mean other COVIDs are gone), immediately took the lead and surpassed all the previous records within the rate of transmission.

Second, elderly people or people with some underlying conditions get seriously ill by COVID19. due to our curiosity, one question centered ‘why the transmission is so fast’? and ‘why only a group of people (elderly) heavily hit by this virus?

A group of scientists from Germany and the UK performed this recent study among 9 patients of COVID19 cases to know one key question why this virus is so different than other COVIDs in terms of infection, pathogenicity, and transmission. All 9 patients had mild symptoms and didn’t develop severe lung pneumonia-like symptoms.
Unlike other COVIDs, COVID19 virus particles don’t get to go deeper into the tract to cause infection. Other COVIDs got to attend the lower tract to be ready to cause infection. However, COVID19 colonize at a high density within the upper tract even before getting to the lower tract.
On top of that COVID19 replication 4-7 fold quite other COVIDs. So, two key factors: an extremely higher rate of replication and skill to colonize within the upper respiratory area explain why person infected with COVID-19 is often easily shedding this virus into the environment or to a different person coming in close contact.it’s just millions of times more doses people are exposed, therefore either carrying it to the next person or develop disease symptoms.
This research highlighted one unexpected observation in one patient who got two different COVID19 as shown in samples from two different places from the body. They observed one mutation within the COVID19 isolated from an equivalent person also as original COVID19 as other patients had. This is also alarming how fast this virus may acquire a mutation.
To be ready to establish disease in a person, a virus must be won against the human defense system, which is extremely delicate and organized at different layers. COVID19 has been successful in breaking this defense due to the facility of replication. When the doses of a viral particle are so high human system especially people with suboptimal immunity gets breached and the virus gains full control over the overall immunity.
This study also checked antibodies against COVID-19 in those patients and only found detectable levels 7-14 days post-infection. Because of the higher replication rate in the upper respiratory tract, a nasal swab is so successful for the diagnosis of COVID19.
Therefore the basic math that you simply can obviously imagine, when virus multiplication is so rapid, shedding virus particle would be also higher. Everything you’ll multiply by an element of millions (x106). Due to this nature, millions and millions of people are getting this virus. So this is really the fact ‘alone you are strong but together you are stronger’.
Reported by Dr. Jubayer Rahman (PhD in Infectious Immunology), Maryland, USA


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