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Novel Coronavirus Vs. nature

Coronavirus – COVID-19

As the coronavirus epidemic is wide-spreading, many are worried about the end of this equation. There are questions about what and when something puts a stop to this virus.

Many are waiting for the scientist to come up with a vaccine or treatment. While others are thinking about wondering if nature helps to emulate the Coronavirus epidemic. The common belief is that there will be a medical cure; a medical discovery that could help the virus outbreak like many other cases of flu spreads. Is it possible that a rise in temperature can stop this epidemic? Let’s have a closer look at the virus itself, its transition mode, and other aspects which finally can help us conclude of nature will come to our help;

Spreading of coronavirus

This virus has nothing to do with air transmission. Breathing the droplets present in the air can cause infection in another person. That means touching the affected surface, eating contaminated food and similar mode of transmission is =the medium for this disease to move body to body and get epidemic.

Some of the experts also believe that there is a link between the virus and cold-weather gatherings. They claim that due to cold weather, people are less likely to be in the open air and fresh air flow; they seem to bundle up together in smaller places around the heating sources. Although is this really the case?


The relation between coronavirus and winter

There is evidence that coronavirus is not all epidemic in the winter. It is mentioned that the coronavirus is a general term; it refers to a large group of viruses that have some similarities to each other, hence the name.

For instance, in the year 2002 to 2003, there was an epidemic that went viral among the people. This outbreak of the coronavirus took place in the middle east. Many people were affected by mild to chronic conditions; while many others lost their lives to this virus. However, this close relative of the novel coronavirus of the year 2019, did not depend on whether changes greatly. This outbreak was as strong as the winter duration. Ultimately, it was controlled by finding a medical cure.


The relation between COVID-19 and winter

The novel, coronavirus of 2019, seems to be relevant to the cold hemisphere. Here are two main reasons why experts may think the cold weather has effects on this epidemic outbreak;

The start of the outbreak

The starting point of this outbreak was at the beginning of the cold spells in china. By the weather changes, it was a sudden boom of the viral infection among the people.

Novel Coronavirus Vs. nature

The colder hemisphere

While we are going through the winter phase in this time of the years, we seem to be more prone to this virus compared with the southern hemisphere. Cold weather helps to decrease the immunity system and natural defense of the body; making a suitable environment in the host for getting affected with potential virus exposure. In a very similar manner, like the normal flue.

Many experts have detected the person to person affective method transmission from this virus. That is the reason they believe lower temperatures are helping the epidemic viral infection.

North hemisphere v. south hemisphere

According to these theories, the southern hemisphere will be the next place for the epidemic breakout. This prediction is based on the pathological pattern of the coronavirus itself. That is the reason the health experts believe that there may be valid reasons to expect coronavirus in the following months. The basic idea is that by moving ahead in time, the northern part of the earth is getting warmer while the southern parts in facing the winter months afoot. Many experts believe there must be some preparations accordingly.


While there are many theories involved with the modes of transfer and uncalculated factors that affect the epidemic outbreak, public health officials are trying their best to be prepared for unexpected further changes. This policy is not solely about the southern hemisphere; the northern part is also on the watch. This situation is nothing to be taken casually. It has serious consequences and may simply turn to an extreme and out-of-control situation.


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