Mommy, you’re the reflection of love.

Mummy, you're the reflection of love.


The wind can change track,

 The birds might leave their snuggles at dawn,

 And forget to seek out their way back.

 When I imagine you, Mom

 I can’t help but smile;

 The fascination of your loving heart,

 The effortless grace in your elegance.

 Mommy, You filled my world with happiness,

 And you illuminated up my world.

 In my arms, I held you tight

Through the toughest part of life

 In my heart, the memories so clear.

 I held you so on the brink of my heart,

 Praying that we’ll never part,

 But angels came and took you away from me.

 And a tear I shed for your everyday 

 Now a splendid lit-up star.

Mum, You change sadness into bliss.

 You change hate into adoration.

 Mommy, you’re the reflection of love.

My inner voice and sentient and empathy,

Miss in my life your most dynamic role.

You made my life complete mom.

Even at that moment, 

I could not imagine life without you.

No matter what comparison time has conceded, 

your absence is causing me throbbing still now.

Your memories are what occupy my mind. 

Now in every moment of my life,

 I just consider you.

The sky becomes more beautiful.

Do you know the reason?

Because now, you live there Mommy

You are the beautiful angel within the sky. 

Every day I search at the sky.

 I know you’re expecting me.

 I miss you Mommy


35 thoughts on “Mommy, you’re the reflection of love.

  1. Wow. This is such a strong piece. It really touched home with me. Time is so short, we must appreciate our time with those we love as it is fleeting.

  2. I don’t see mylife without my Mom and she is alive. I can’t imagen losing her. And now that I’m a Mom. I can’t imagine my life without my daughter. Is a love cicle.

  3. Just mind blowing .I can’t imagine someone can write something like this.Small length with strong emotion.

  4. Very strngly written, Mothers offer unconditional love, which doesn’t depend on the child’s circumstances or characteristics. A child’s relationship with their mother also begins from a place of love. There is no need for a period of courtship. We do not have to win our mothers’ love.

  5. My heart simply melts with this kind of very touching poem. The wisdom and love you’ve incorporated with this are undeniably very passionate and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing this with everyone, loved it!

  6. You made me teary eyed reading this poem. My mom passed away two years ago and the pain of losing her is still here. I know there is no timeline for grieving, but I am comforted by the thought that she is always here with me, watching me, guiding me.

  7. I love my mom so much. Life is too short and this poem is just a reminder to cherish your loved ones everyday while you have them.

  8. I have so much respect for all the mothers out there, and your writing reflect the similar respect too. Very well written

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