Dad I miss you

Dad I miss you

If I could compose a story,
It would be best at any point told.
I’d compose on my Daddy,
For he had a heart of gold.

You’re my hero
And my base
My life would be forever changed
If you weren’t here

I’ll never fully understand,
Why your time here was so little,
But, you said you’ll always be there.
To get me when I fall.
I’ve cried a million tears.
And afterward, a million more.
My heart is solely so broken.
My soul is on the ground.
Tears that I weep and appeals
Will ideally travel so far
To touch at my loving Daddy
Sitting among the stars.
There have been thousands of times.
When I’ve wished you were still here,
To rejoice all of my blisses,
And help me calm my fear.
I’ll remember that walk I took with my Daddy and always wish it could have been longer.
But Still, i wish, Just one more step or one last walk.

Dad I miss you and need you badly,
I know I have to let you go.
So you could rest in peace
Wishing I could hold your hand to scream your name out loud.
You’re no longer here, Dad, but I hope I make you proud.

May you know how much I love you,
though I’m here and you are there.
Happy Father’s Day in heaven
to the best dad anywhere!


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