Dad I miss you

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If I could compose a story,

It would be best at any point told.

I'd compose on my Daddy,

For he had a heart of gold.

You're my hero

And my base

My life would be forever changed

If you weren't here.

I'll never fully understand,

Why your time here was so little,

But, you said you'll always be there.

To get me when I fall.

I've cried a million tears.

And afterward, a million more.

My heart is solely so broken.

My soul is on the ground.

Tears that I weep and appeals

Will ideally travel so far

To touch at my loving Daddy

Sitting among the stars.

There have been thousands of times.

When I've wished you were still here,

To rejoice all of my bliss's,

And help me calm my fear.

I'll remember that walk I took with my Daddy

 and always wish it could have been longer.

But Still, i wish, 

Just one more step or one last walk.

Dad I miss you and need you badly,

I know I have to let you go.

So you could rest in peace

Wishing I could hold your hand 

to scream your name out loud.

You're no longer here, Dad,

 but I hope I make you proud.

May you know how much I love you,

though I'm here and you are there.

I'm happy that, you're my Dad

in my earth, you're a vivid magnificent star.

By rinrainbow

53 thoughts on “Dad I miss you

  1. Sorry about your loss. My dad’s birthday was just three days ago. He just turned 82- I need to give him another ring, just to chat about whatever.

  2. This is such a touching, bittersweet poem. Loss is so hard, especially when it’s the loss of a parent. You never really get over it. You just live with it.

  3. This is a beautiful and very touching poem. I know your Dad will love it, I am sure that he misses you, I am sure he’s proud of you for you being tough every single day without him. Keep safe and may God bless you.

  4. Such an emotional poem full of feelings and love. I can feel your respect and love for your father. Your father is there with you, blessing you every moment.

  5. Although I haven’t lost either of my parents, I still feel this deeply. I lost my best friend when I was 14. He was practically my brother. It hit me so hard.

  6. I can’t imagine losing either of my parents. I know it’s coming, but I’m not ready at all. I think this is a wonderful but sad reminder to cherish the time we have.

  7. This touched my heart so deeply. I’ve always been very close with my dad, and I cannot imagine the world without him, even though I know that will come eventually.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. This is such a beautiful and touching tribute to your dad – thank you for sharing this poem.

  9. I don’t have a dad, he left us when we were young. My grandfather became my dad since then I can’t imagine my life without my grandfather. He is my superhero, and the sad thing is I wasn’t able to tell him how much I love him.

  10. Awww. I feel your pain and I am sorry for your loss. It is good that you are were able to express it in this beautiful poem. I am sure your dad loves this.

  11. Such a beautiful tribute to a father. I know so many that have lost their father recently, they would love this.

  12. Such a beautiful poem. I can relate to how you’re feeling because I lost my dad 12 years ago and it still hurts deeply and I still miss him so much. I can tell you’re making your dad really proud! Keep shining 🙂

  13. Your poem is beautifully written and it got me deeply connected. I also lost my Dad 10 years ago, and I still remember many good times with him as a kid.

  14. It sounds like you loved your dad very much. It is wonderful that you had such a close relationship. I never knew my dad or had a fatherly figure in my life but I love reading about and knowing people that had an amazing relationship with their father.

  15. Just mind blowing no word to say.I was looking for writers name for all masterpieces work.But no author deserve big salute from me.

  16. I’m sorry for your loss. It is a very touching poem. Your dad will live in your memories and stories.

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