We don’t want war we want peace

We don't want war we want peace
We don't want war we want peace

The actual magnificence of life
lies in the sparkle of your smile with you,
I feel so fortunate every while
The way you care for me, my love
The way you are always there for me.
!!Mama!!PAPA!! "You are both superior in every way.
Cheering me more and more each passing day.
I'm so stout just because of you,
With you two at the wheel, not a thing could go wicked.

The Colour of life just has changed now
We are not together anymore.
Moving with a shed of blood
Daddy, do you know?
We don't have anywhere to hide anymore
We don't have any food to eat
We don't know where our destination is.
This resurrection that passed through us
Our heart stopped throbbing now
The salt of tears just not stopping anymore.

Daddy, it's raining here with people's blood
And screaming like thunder sounds.
Mama, please don't leave me here alone
In the blood of desires
And on sorrow's street.
My body is pink now
And it's not healing anymore.

Mama, please stay with me and hold my hand tight.
Daddy, I know you had to leave us for your painting.
And I know it is hard for you to run from Russia to Ukraine.
Trust me, daddy, it would be harder to paint
your daughter's body with the splash of blood.
Daddy, I don't want to die
I don't want to see my Mama die,
but I don't know how I save my family.
Daddy, there is a fountain occupied with blood
Drawn from the nation's veins.

I am frightened to see your dead body
Daddy, I am just trapped middle in the stream.
My Mama is in Ukraine, and my Dad is in Russia
I don't know how I protect you.
I wish I have the magical power to stop this war.
I don't want to smell of slug
I don't want to smell of dead bodies.
I want to live with you again like we used to do.
I want to open the basket of optimism for everyone.
We are so close to the end line.
Daddy, Mama, I don't know if you can read my poem
But please pardon me if I can't save you guys.

I am preparing myself to clash for our families
I'm standing to hold your hand again.
I am devising myself to see an explosion of colours.

Daddy, I don't remember you granting me to do a night out
because I am not 18,
But I can't impede myself anymore now.
love becomes humbler
and life so harsher.
I can't be an egotistical little child anymore
I am a beggar of freedom.
But wherein I consist.
The word freedom has locks on its entrances.

Freedom is not just a word
this hypothetical is ultimate.
And I want to brawl for our freedom.
Daddy, my tears are caged in my eyelids
How should I let them drift?
Daddy, please pray for me.
My lord, please fill our life with delight, not blood,
Enhance us with a rainbow.
Daddy, I just heard the echoes of silences
Someone named me to see her for the last time.
Daddy, can you please call my name?
I want to know that you are safe.

I just lost Mama and don't want to lose you.
Daddy, Can you make a portrait with your splash of shade
that we don't want to die anymore?
Please show them how hard it is to tolerate
when you see your mom or dad die just in front of you.
And you have no option des accepting it.
I don't know what our fortune is
but always remember I love you guys and always will.
You are the world of spectacles and blisses.
There are more goals to be attained
More stories waiting to be twisted.
Please don't cry for me, daddy.
Daddy, paint it everywhere
We don't want war
we want peae.

collected from-colourofpoem by in rainbow

collected from-colourofpoem by in rainbow

59 thoughts on “We don’t want war we want peace

  1. This touches me so much, especially right now. I cannot believe what I’ve been seeing on the news following along about Ukraine.

  2. Wow… This poem is an example that how u simply express the fear of war and demand for peace.

    The Colour of life just has changed now
    We are not together anymore.

    Just awesome express……
    Nice writing…
    Moving with a shed of blood

  3. Lets pray for peace and freedom, especially in the midst of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. I feel the pain not having your parents are your side.

  4. I always wonder, why do we have to do war with each other. Showing off the power or just getting more power. What will we do with all those power. We can’t even defeat this pandemic and now we are doing war against each other. Young soldiers and innocent people are dying. Yes, we want peace but I still don’t know how much blood it will cost. Very well craftsmanship of words. Keep up the good work and I will echo with you repeatedly, we don’t want war, We want peace!!

  5. beautiful and meaningful poem. War is always scary. We don’t want this. I really hope things will not escalate or the whole world will get affected.

  6. We don’t need war at all! Nothing in this world can’t be talked out without folding a single fist! But, our politicians make it seem that this is impossible.

  7. completely agree and I don’t understand why we are all sucked into this non-sense I think we are supposed to be over this, yet wars still happen and we have no place for that.

  8. Just like you! We also don’t want war. We want peace.
    Praying things will be resolved soon between Ukraine and Russia.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

  9. This is beautiful! Covering everyone in prayer- I can’t even imagine what life must be like for them right now.

  10. It’s so unrestful to see what is happening. It’s also unnerving to see how quickly things can change. Truly a blink of an eye.

  11. This poem is meaningful given the situation we are in right now. We want that Russian and Ukraine conflict will resolve soon. We are all affected by this crisis.

  12. Your poem brought tears to my eyes. Why are there wars? Why do families, especially the children have to cower in fear and live in uncertainty? I do not understand the reason why anyone would start a war. I pray for the people of Ukraine. It is heartbreaking to see a country being torn apart, losing everything they own, and no future in sight.

  13. Ohh this is so heart touching. So sad !! Why do we have to see/ hear so much violence on the earth. Let’s hope for peace and safe life for everyone on this earth.

  14. So painful and emotive. I am broken hearted by all the cruel acts happening across the world. May we see peace.

  15. I am so impressed by this poem. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so sad that war is happening despite that most people just want to live in peace.

  16. I cannot agree more and every day I am just annoyed about the news and the things that happened in just a couple of weeks. It’s always the people that suffer from war and I hope it will stop very very soon.

  17. This is such a wonderfully heartfelt and very strong poem. It is also a time to promote peace throughout the world that we really need right now.

  18. The contrast between the warmth of family and the harsh reality of war is powerful. The plea for peace is deeply moving. This writing is not just expressive but truly impactful. capturing the human experience in a way that’s both raw and beautiful.

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