The scream of fireworks

The Scream of Fireworks

Dear little chum,
Here is my open letter to you.
Misery is like a carnival, humming by in waves of the blast.
echoing through the Thundering skies from miles away ,
the scream of fireworks And sparkling lights ,become blood rain,
it pours with the color red you poor Lil soul
might be excited painting puzzle with your dead blood.

Dear little chum,
I can hear your shout on the wind,
My heart clogged by mysterious throbbing
my tears want to ,blast like a missile I don’t know where to jump on,
the land of blood.
I have put myself in your ,
place for an instant I don’t know ,
how do I persist here,
someone pinned my tongue the air is too toxic to breathe.
This soreness goes so wide
to treat just Right down to my core.
Dear little friend my basket of burdens,
occupied with the screaming of humanity,
who is dying every day It is so weighty to carry ,
Although this path we must cross.

Dear little chum,
I can see your frozen eyes
I can feel your poor little soul,
I know it’s not your time to leave but cruelty
The blue skies turn to grey
No more stories to explain your ache
no place to bury your Lil soul your humanity is precious to me
Your memories will never fade.
Life on earth is glowing and indeed with the shadow of blood.

39 thoughts on “The scream of fireworks

  1. My heart bleeds for all the innocent children affected by conflicts around the world. I couldn’t help but feel sad whenever I hear news about children hurt in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

  2. It is really really sad. It is hard to explain how I feel right now. But I want to say Thank you for this poem reminder, life isn’t a pink bubble. Right now I’m going to hug my kids.

  3. This is so powerful. I love the way you delivered this awful message of sadness and grief through a metaphor of something that is usually part of a joyous occasion.

  4. This was such an incredibly powerful poem. The way you contrasted what should be so joyful and used it as a medium to convey so much pain. Touching.

  5. Sometimes, I ask this question to myself, why do we have so much conflicts all around the world. And why do a kid has to suffer for it. The kid is probably thinking wow, there are some fireworks in they sky. But they don’t realize this as their last fireworks. Feeling so sad for those kids in Palestine and Israel. This poem is full of emotions, You articulate it so nicely. My heart is bleeding after reading your poem. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The words aches my heart this is so horrible for what happening right now children are most affected for violence and war which they don’t deserve.

  7. This poem is beautiful, but it makes me sad because I know that there’s a lot of children affecting by the conflicts of this world.

  8. what a beautiful, powerful, and heartbreaking poem! You touched me deeply with your words. Really stunning work – because you made us all feel deeply.


  9. Children do not deserve to know of wars, of hate and conflict. It is a sad reality though that this still happens in many parts of the world. I hope and pray that someday, all we will have is peace.

  10. This is very painful to read. There is so much conflict and children often get caught in the middle of it. They really have little say about what is happening…

  11. Conflict is always bad, but it has to be especially painful to live through as a young child. I am grateful I never had to experience anything like this.

  12. I feel bad for the children. The fear that is instilled in them for a long time will be forever in their hearts and minds. I hope war will end soon. They don’t deserve it.

  13. Aaahhhh….reading this poem has me asking myself if we adults really love ourselves….to the point that we are ready to kill kids simply because they were “collateral damage”! Thank you for sharing.

  14. This is such a powerful piece. It really touched me. It so awful that there are children fighting just to be normal right now and simply survive.

  15. I cannot imagine living in a war torn country. No country is perfect- but ever since I moved to the US I have had so much to be grateful for. Hopefully things change for the better ASAP.

  16. Such a heartfelt open letter. With what is happening in the world, I am sure we can’t help but be sad. What I can do is still be positive and pray that everything will be back to normal and praying to have a peaceful world too.

  17. This is a profound understanding of human suffering, and their words resonate with a genuine sense of compassion. I think its beautifully crafted, drawing the reader into a world of emotion and reflection.

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