To my Daddy, “separated by death, together with by love

To my Daddy

In an enthusiastic memory,

The rain pours even when I dance alone,

By the time this mist clears.

I’ll run with my feet wet, please hold my hand Don’t leave me alone again.…

The moon looks so lonely,

Like it’s crying in the bright night sky.

Even though I always know the morning will come,

I want to stay in your sky like a lil star.

The day, that moment

If I knew this was gonna happen.

If I knew you won’t be with me anymore,

I would have remembered more of them.

When will it be?

If I see you again

I will look into your eyes And say, “I miss you so much, dad

Behind the faint smile that looked at me

I will draw a beautiful purple shade

We may not be on the same page

But I want to walk this path with you

And want to hold your hand .

My feet are burning in the scorching rays of my tears,
Call out to me give me your hand
Please give me breath again
Dad, please say something..

Calling out to you…is your beloved child,
You have given true meaning to my life.

Daddy, I won’t memorialise you in the stars, because they fade away.

I won’t memorise you with a rhyme, for it will be forgotten one day.

I will just keep you safe in my heart so that you are with me in every way. I miss you.

To my Daddy


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