Life is too short to worry

Life is too short to worry

Life is too short to worry
Life is too short to worry –Don’t let anyone cause you to feel bad for the things you are doing, not have, but the things you’ve got to be proud of those. See in Life anything you’ve got, material things, profession, fame, riches? Can’t do anything for you once you allow this earth !! The harsh truth is we don’t know what’s getting to happen tomorrow! Life is just too short to stress about anything! So embrace your uniqueness! We’ve only this moment, sparkling sort of a star in our hand-and melting sort of a snowflake. Life is too short to worry,Yes I do know Life is tight and painful, but you would like to be reliable, And never hand over when.I look to the sky, and what do I see? Do you know? A castle, a rainbow, and dreams on behalf of me, An end to the present battle that I need to fight, To rid my feelings of depression and fright, An end to pain isn’t that distant. It will be here someday. So If you are doing not enjoy a flash, you break down forever. If you enjoy it, it’s yours forever. And yes Life is too short to worry.

6 thoughts on “Life is too short to worry

  1. I agree. Life is too short and too valuable to worry, as well as, overthink. Where is getting you exactly? This is the outlook everyone should possess.

  2. Life is to short! I watch time just fly in front of me as my children grow, and remember family that have passed…life is too short!

  3. Never overthink, at least that’s what I tell myself often. When you do, you’re only stressing yourself out.

  4. I completely agree with this. One of my goals for this year is to worry less as life really is too short and it doesn’t help any situation.

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