The emptiness in my eyes secret

Clouds of roar, pouring rain,
The hurt I feel, the throbbing pain.

The emptiness in my eyes

The emptiness in my eyes

How could I be so misplaced

In a place, I know so well?

Clouds of roar, pouring rain,

The hurt I feel, the throbbing pain.

 Saying I’m fine when I’m anything but.

This ache always hit in my soul rips at my gut.

Emotional soreness walks with me through the day, 

and sleeps with me through the night, 

leaving me depletes with no strength to fight.

Escape, I want to dig my self out, 

filled with misery, filled with hesitation.

The dark beneath my skin,

The emptiness in my eyes,

The blood in my sweat,

And my cold breath.

I wish that I could show you

How it hurts to breathe or move

But I know that it’s not possible

So this I cannot prove.

The touch of skin or textile

I want to scream out loud

But I know I won’t do so

Cause the sound drowns in the crowd.

The pain’s almost intolerable

Like a thousand stabbing knives.

I’m scared to think

Because I don’t want to fade away,

The truth is I’m afraid,

But what is there to fear?

This is everything I’ve wanted.

So, then why am I in tears?

Mute not able to express, 

this gnawing pain and feeling of relentless distress.

I wish that curse would fade,

I want that rain could drown my feelings.

searching for the Cure

A Mystery Piece A Day

Tomorrow We May Find It

Then I will be gone.


Written By Rinrainbow

13 thoughts on “The emptiness in my eyes secret

  1. Your pain is tangible through the depth of your words. Thank you for sharing you vulnerability. I do hope that you have found light in the darkness, a hand to hold, and a mind to listen as you navigate this dark time.

  2. for so long, only now that i have read another poem. i miss writing one. anyway, yours made me cry for readings i cant truly comprehend.

  3. What a profound sad tho, dark poem. Makes me want to cry and crawl in to hug the personae at the same time.
    Great work!

  4. This was very beautifully written. I could really feel the emotion and pain in the words. I look forward to reading more entries. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a beautiful poem. SO deep. Sometimes, it hurts to even breathe and you have described it so beautifully in words!

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