Confused & misshapen-I wish I could find a way

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Confused & misshapen


Deep inside I’m confused & misshapen

I wish I could find a way
Living with it day by day,
As I cry within the dark and my tears find the pillow
you’ll never know, these tears crammed with such sorrow.
I Buried my secret nobody knows.
Eyes are open, hands are fisted.
Deep inside I’m confused & misshapen.

I’m anxious that my thoughts will scare them away,
Make them wake from their imitation world of precision.
People always call me heartless, Robotic.
I wonder if they realize,
How difficult it is to function…
When you’re not sure if you even exist.

I wish I could defend misery to you,,
Once again and scream about…
How I wish I could feel anything.
Sleeping awake & choking on a dream
Listening loudly to a silent scream.
I’m not gone, my mind has floated
Don’t expect much, I’m distorted & twisted.

Papa, I do know you’re getting to read this or
hear this and that I know it’s getting to cause you to upset.
I need you to realize that
I love you so much,
I miss your voice …
I need to sit with you and offer my sentiments.

I wish I could see you without shutting my eyes.
I do know you’re during a better place,
where there’s no pain.
you’re asleep, I wish
I could disclose that to my heart.
In chuckling and in sorrow,
within the sunshine and in a time period
I realize you can see me now..until we meet once more.
I miss you each breath that I take.

By Rinrainbow

One thought on “Confused & misshapen-I wish I could find a way

  1. Always remember your guardian angel. They are watching you, protecting you on every step you take. Do not ever think, they are not with you. I’m sure your dad is with you like your guardian angel. And I also have my own.

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