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Native Flowers of Ukraine

Native Flowers of Ukraine

Native Flowers of Ukraine

Ukraine is a southern European country. It is one of the largest European countries in terms of geographical location. The country is rich in plateaus and has a relatively mild climate. The physical and climatic conditions of Ukraine have been shown to favor the growth of a variety of flowers. Some of the native Ukrainian flowers are discussed below.


Sunflower is one of the most popular flowers in Ukraine and is the national flower of the country. The flower blooms from July to November. It is used all over the country to make bird seeds, sunflower oil and sunflower seeds. Moreover, according to Ukrainian mythology, this flower symbolizes vitality and vigor. The flower has bright yellow leaves and a brown spot. It turns its head to the east, to the place where the sun rises.

Native Flowers of Ukraine


Hollyhock is another Ukrainian flower. Several different varieties of this flower can be found in the country. The flower comes in deep purple, red and white colors. It is usually planted in gardens but can also be found in fields. It is widely used in non-traditional medicine.

Native Flowers of Ukraine

Morning Glory

Morning glory has also grown in Ukraine. It is planted for decorative purposes. It can be found on balconies and in country houses. Interestingly, the color of this flower changes with the amount of sunlight it receives.

Native Flowers of Ukraine


Marigold is a large yellow flower that is grown all over Ukraine. Although the flower is usually yellow in color, it can also be found in red and brown shades. The flower attracts butterflies and, at the same time, prevents insects. Thus, the flower is planted with a variety of vegetables to avoid pests.

Native Flowers of Ukraine


Cornflower is blue in color and has tiny petals. It is found in Ukraine and many other European countries. Although beautiful in appearance, it is not grown in gardens. It can often be found in vegetable gardens. The flower has a large number of trees and shrubs.

Native Flowers of Ukraine


This flower is planted in the country as a decorative flower. However, it is also used in food and drugs as well. In Ukraine, it is also the inspiration for different forms of art. One can find poppies motifs in jewellery, costumes, paintings and drawings.

Native Flowers of Ukraine


Chamomile is also grown in Ukraine. It is similar to a daisy but smaller in size. It is used to make tea, which is often used to treat insomnia and constipation. This plant also cures any disease in the plants around us.

Native Flowers of Ukraine


The Madonna lily, one of the real lilies, is another Ukrainian flower. It is white in color with a yellow base and has six petals. Its aroma is also delicious. Roman Catholics consider it a sign of purity.

Above are a few of the native Ukrainian flowers. In addition, many other flowers are grown throughout the country. These include irises, peonies, bluebells and periwinkles.

Native Flowers of Ukraine


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