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COVID-19 : Using oxygen cylinder or concentrator at home?

COVID-19 Using oxygen cylinder or concentrator at home?, Magazineup

Using an oxygen cylinder or concentrator at home? Here are some important tips to follow

The second wave of COVID-19 is aggressive in the lungs of patients, making them gasp for breath. As per health specialists, by the time symptoms are shown, 25 percent of lungs had already damaged.

India is witnessing a massive surge in COVID-19 cases every day, and with this, there is a shortage of hospital beds, medical oxygen, and other medical facilities. Due to this crunch, several COVID infected patients are taking the treatment in-home quarantine. Though they are consulting doctors, still they don’t know the right way to use the oxygen cylinder or concentrator.

The second wave of COVID-19 is attacking the lungs of patients, making them gasp for breath. As per health experts, by the time symptoms are shown, 25 percent of lungs had already damaged. And within just two to three days of symptoms oxygen level is reported below 80 in several patients making them in urgent need of oxygen. So if you are someone who has recently tested positive and using oxygen equipment, such as a cylinder or concentrator at home then, keep in mind these tips before you use:

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  1. When to use Medical Oxygen or Concentrator?

This is one of the most important tips a patient should keep in mind. Not every COVID patient requires oxygen, only those whose oxygen level is below 90 should take oxygen after consulting a doctor. Patients should try to maintain their oxygen level between 94-99 percent.

  1. How to use the oxygen mask and nasal cannula

Make sure the mask fits your face, and there are no leakages or gaps. You are advised to use a proper size oxygen mask for the uninterrupted oxygen supply. Also, before you use an oxygen mask or cannulas, or concentrator, sanitize them well.

If you are using an oxygen concentrator then, make sure that there’s plenty of open windows and ventilation in your room to allow nitrogen to escape.

  1. Therapies to boost oxygen

Inhaling oxygen through a concentrator or cylinder is not the only way to enhance your oxygen level with this you also need to do some exercises. To boost oxygen level, health experts have advised COVID patients to sleep in the prone position, that is, lie on their chest and place pillows under their neck, chest, and shins. Or one can do breathing exercises, that is, ‘anulom and vilom’ or walk in your room. Also, along with exercise have proper food rich in iron and protein to improve the function of the lungs.

  1. When you should get hospitalized?

Patients having mild and moderate symptoms are advised to stay in home quarantine, but even these patients turn serious. So here are the signs that indicate you are in dire need of hospital care:

– Unconsciousness and unable to wake up

– Face, lips, and tongue getting discolored or getting dark

– Discomfort even after taking medical oxygen

– Joint pains


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  • Unfortunately, we may be at a time in our family’s life in which we will need this information. Thank you for sharing.

  • As long as you have manual handling and awareness of how dangerous oxygen can be, as well as having relevant training… I can’t see it being too big an issue. However, it needs to be handled properly.

  • I think a concentrator would be the better option for home use. There are fewer worries about proper handling than there are with tanks.

  • A relevant read. Just thinking about the situation that some of our fellowmen have to endure breaks my heart. But hey, this article helps a lot to bring more awareness and education especially to those who need the device in their homes and have challenges using it.

  • I’ve been fortunate enough not to get COVID-19 but I know people who have. Breathing issues can be serious and these tips can certainly help those with this condition.

  • My husband has COPD, so we always have medical oxygen ready at home if and when he needs it. Thanks for the information you shared in this post. I have to remember to get a new cannula for him. The one we have is a few months old already.

  • My daughter had covid. It’s long gone now but she still rattles in her chest from time to time now. She’s in her 20’s!

  • Such a nice and informative article to read. I think these are some of the important things that need to know in using oxygen, whether it be a concentrator or a cylinder. Thank you!

  • It is definitely important to keep in contact with your doctor if you are trying to use oxygen at home. Doing it on one’s own can lead to so many problems. But oxygen therapy is going to be a part of a lot of COVID patients’ care. We are going to all hear more about this.

  • This is such important information. Even beyond those suffering with COVID, there are many people out there who need supplemental oxygen.

  • There are definitely pros and cons to each. I would probably opt for a concentrator if I needed supplemental oxygen.

  • You’ve definitely shared some really great information here. I learned a lot about this just by reading your article. ūüôā

  • These are all good points in the age of Covid. It is good to be educated when using oxygen. We had a neighbor down the street smoke while using oxygen, and sadly, it caused a massive explosion.

  • This is very important information that you to have in case you need it. It’s hard to believe that Just a couple of years ago, oxygen levels and breathing devices were not even on our radar

  • I am not educated enough of either of these products to give my opinion. But it is a helpful and informative post nevertheless, thanks for sharing.

  • These are very useful and practical tips! Especially making sure we stay healthy . I will share this with others since it was so informative.

  • Such a helpful article.. I didn’t even think of any of this things, thanks for sharing. super helpful

  • This is a very valuable post for the current situation in many countries. It is good to know such details as we don’t know when we need to use such info.

  • No matter what country you live in, you should be aware of Oxygen usage. I’m glad you made the point of being considerate of others when deciding whether or not to go to the hospital.

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