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Novel Coronavirus pandemic Latest Update

Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Magazineup

Corona Virus in the last 24 hours
As per the latest updates over 113,000 people worldwide have already been infected by Coronavirus, resulting in more than 4200 deaths. Mainland China is still the most affected region in the world where the outbreak first emerged, but the rate of infection is significantly dropping in the country.
Meanwhile, it continues to spread across the hundred countries. Some other countries like South Korea also reported a slowdown in the virus speed. South Korea reported the least number of daily confirmed cases on Tuesday after carrying out a nationwide screening program test of more than 190000 people.

Global Health Threat –

Novel Coronavirus is continuous to threaten global health, resulting in total lockdown in Italy and various states of Iran and Mongolia as well. More than 9000 confirmed cases, Italy becomes the second most affected region after China, which has reported over 80000 confirmed cases so far. The explosion now comprises a worldwide health crisis, the WHO said on January 30.
The choice to sound the top-level caution was made after the primary instances of human-to-human transmission outside China were affirmed. The worldwide health alert is a call to nations around the globe to facilitate their reaction under the direction of the United Nations wellbeing office.

There have been five global health crises since 2005 when the revelation was formalized: swine influenza in 2009, polio in 2014, Ebola in 2014, Zika in 2016 and Ebola again in 2019.

The entire country some 60 million people in lockdown by the Italian government to contain the virus to tackle the coronavirus outbreak that has killed 463 people and affected more than 9,000.  Italy has now 9172 infected and 463 with 733 severe cases. Also, the travel ban imposed on all sorts of arrivals from Italy as per the latest instructions by Austria’s chancellor.

Spain also reported 1622 cases and 30 deaths so far, which makes it the second most affected country in Europe just after Italy. Greece also lockdown at schools and universities nationwide for two weeks after 89 confirmed cases.

Smoking of shisha in all cafes and restaurants in Qatar is also banned as a preventive measure against Coronavirus. Other countries like Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic close also close down its schools and put a temporary ban on all the events and gatherings of more than a hundred peoples.
The United Nations unique rapporteur on human rights in Iran said he requested that Iran free all political detainees incidentally from its packed and infection -ridden correctional facilities to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.
More than 8,000 coronavirus cases have been recorded in Iran, making it the fourth-most-influenced nation after China, South Korea, and Italy, World Health Organization information appears. Nearly 291 individuals have passed on in Iran as of Tuesday.
Coronavirus kills 54 individuals in Iran in a day, raising loss of life to more than 291, as Morocco affirms first death. Similarly, in the UK, another person has died from Coronavirus taking the tally up to 6 as the confirmed cases grow to 373, up from 319 the day before. All flights of British Airways are already canceled to and from Italy after the country was put on lockdown until next month.
Along with these, the United States also reported a massive increase in the number of cases where the virus is spread across 20 new States. The total number of cases in the United States is now more than 570, resulting in total deaths of 26. But according to the experts, the actual number of cases can be much more than reported because of lack of testing. Among the 35 patients tested in Washington nursing, 31 of them were found infected with the virus.
New York’s senator reported a one-mile “containment zone” would be made in New Rochelle, constraining “major gathering spaces” to check the spread of the infection. New Jersey authorities announced the first death in the state from the Coronavirus.
Trump’s new chief of staff Mark is also under self-quarantine for 14 days after coming in contact with an individual at CPAC who was tested positive for Coronavirus. According to the US Vice president, he is not being tested for Coronavirus, and he said he is not sure about Trump.
Also, the employees like Amazon and Boeing ask their employees to work from home in affected areas. Along with Amazon Microsoft and other companies offering more than $2.5M as a response fund. This will help recovering workers who cannot take sick leave people without health insurance and healthcare workers.
Not only the health crisis world is facing the worst economic crisis since the great recession of 2008. The virus is likely to cost the economy one trillion dollars during this year. Oil prices are dropped about 25% (there worst since 1991) in New York, and London down stock markets in Europe and Asia. in your trading was briefly suspending after stocks for 1800 points within few minutes.
Meanwhile, China seems to have passed the peak of the crisis, and it is returning to stability. Japan announced the second package of measures worth about $4bn in spending to subsist with the fallout, focusing on providing support to small and mid-sized firms, amid mounting concerns about the fragile economy.

How deadly is it?

With more than 4,000 recorded passings, the quantity of fatalities from this new coronavirus has outperformed the cost of the 2002-2003 SARS flare-up, which additionally started in China.
SARS slaughtered around 9 percent of those it tainted – about 800 individuals worldwide and more than 300 in China alone. MERS, which didn’t spread as generally, was all the more destructive, slaughtering 33% of those it tainted.
While the new coronavirus is more far-reaching in China than SARS as far as case numbers, the death rate remains significantly lower at roughly 2 percent, as indicated by the WHO.
To PROTECT against any VIRAL disease, the worldwide HEALTH AGENCY RECOMMENDS  that PEOPLE wash their hands as often as possible and abstain from contacting their eyes, nose, and mouth to limit the danger of transmission. It also suggests covering the mouth and nose with an elbow or tissue while sniffling and coughing and seeking clinical consideration in case of fever, cough, and shortness of breath..


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